The algorithm output Yandex.Money to card of Sberbank

Go to the site Yandex.Money - and pass authorization by login and password. Then in the top left corner, under the identification number of the purse, find the button "Withdraw funds", click on it. A new window will appear "How to withdraw money from account", then choose in the top first paragraph "Transfer to Bank card" button-link "Visa or MasterCard", then click on it.

Next, a new window will appear with background information on the terms of such transfer. In particular, at the time a transaction will take from one to six working days, the fee will be three percent of the amount plus 15 rubles. The main condition for translation – map, which sent the electronic money must be issued only by the Russian Bank. In the case of sberbankovskoy plastic this question disappears by itself.

The next step is click on the link "Transfer money" button, you will see a window "the Withdrawal to Visa/MasterCard. Fill in all required fields – enter the card number of the recipient and specify the amount you want to withdraw from the account in Yandex.Money. The bottom line will indicate the amount that will ultimately credited to the account of Sberbank taking into account non-recurring and interest of the Commission. Enter all details and click "Pay". Further, if the user's account payment system connected to the mobile phone number, you will need to enter sent to the appropriate number of one-time password that is valid for only three to seven minutes. Enter the password and complete the payment. Now remains to wait for the transfer money to the card.

Alternative to the card of Sberbank

Sberbank is not the only option to withdraw funds from a Yandex-purse. So, the system Yandex.Money today offers its authenticated users plastic card Yandex.Money MasterCard with free three-year service and graduation.

To obtain this card, you need to leave the application on the website Yandex.Money from the user's account will be charged 199 rubles for card delivery to the right address in Russia or abroad. You can withdraw money at any ATM, and this card you can pay everywhere, where MasterCard is accepted. The withdrawal of money from Yandex-purse on the card is instantaneous.