"Fluconazole" and "Flucostat": is there a difference?

"Fluconazole" and "Flucostat" are effective antifungal drugs with broad spectrum of action. The active ingredient in these medicines is the same - is fluconazole effective against fungi of the genus Candida, and against fungi causing lesions of the skin (tinea versicolor), and deep mycosis (trichophytosis, microsporia) and cryptococcosis. Both drugs inhibit the synthesis of essential substances in the cells of the microorganisms, resulting in the death of fungi.
"Flucostat" and fluconazole is available in capsules and intravenous solution, 1 ml of solution contains 2 mg of fluconazole 1 capsule contains 50 or 150 mg of active substance.

Indications for use "Flucostat" and "Fluconazole" is the same. Their prescribed for fungal infections caused by pathogens sensitive to fluconazole. These drugs are recommended to be taken for the prevention of fungal infections in patients with reduced immunity (AIDS patients, cancer patients after chemotherapy and radiotherapy). And "Flucostat" and "fluconazole" can be used as prophylaxis of fungal infections in surgical interventions.

Side effects and contraindications "Fluconazole" and "Flucostat"

Apply "fluconazole" and "Flucostat" is contraindicated in individual intolerance of components, simultaneous intake of medicines, causing arrhythmia, pregnancy, lactation. Under medical supervision, these drugs used in disorders of the kidneys, liver, and cardiac arrhythmias.

"Flucostat" and fluconazole are well tolerated, in rare cases, cause similar side effects: may cause dizziness, headache, seizures, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain, flatulence, taste disturbance, liver dysfunction, decrease platelet count, white blood cell count, allergic reaction, abnormal heart rhythm.
"Flucostat and fluconazole" be wary appointed at the same time with funds that have a toxic effect on the liver.

Prices for "Flucostat and Fluconazole" are significantly different. "Flucostat" is more expensive, despite the fact that these drugs are identical and have on the body the same effect. Not the last role in this situation plays is – "Flucostat" is "hyped" drug. In any case, the question whether there is a difference between drugs with the same active ingredients but different price, must meet the doctor.