The main active ingredient in the "Flucostat" - fluconazole, which inhibits the production of sterols in the cells of the mushroom and inhibits the growth of the colony. The activity of this antifungal agent appears against pathogens of the genus Candida, Microspore, Cryptococcus and other. "Flucostat" treat genital thrush, oral mucosal lesions of the mouth, mycotic diseases of nails, feet and other body parts. Use these capsules and to prevent the development of fungal diseases in critically ill patients (AIDS, cancer stage 3-4). Release capsules "Flucostat" in two doses – 50 and 150 mg.
To treat genital candidiasis, a single dose of the drug at a dose of 150 mg, to secure the result you can repeat in 2 weeks. As a preventive measure after the treatment of thrush is recommended to use this pharmacological agent 1 time per month for six months. Be sure to remember that in order to avoid re-infection with fungus, the treatment of the sexual partner with the same doses.
When candidal lesions of the tongue and oropharynx consume 50-100 mg "Flucostat" within two weeks. If you have a weak immune system, the therapeutic course may be renewed up to several months, but always under medical supervision.
With the development of severe cryptococcal disease patients prescribed "Flucostat" 400 mg per day, treatment of cryptococcal meningitis about 8 weeks, with the other localization of the disease - about 6 weeks. To prevent recurrence of these diseases appoint 200 mg for several months.
If you wear dentures, and compression of the mucosa developed atrophic candidiasis take 1 capsule 50 mg "Flucostat" for 2-3 weeks and be sure to treat before wearing dentures with an antiseptic solution.
Sometimes the fungus affects the skin of the feet and especially the skin between the toes. In this case, take 1 capsule of 150 mg in a week, and when severe lesions - 50 mg daily. The treatment lasts up to 6 weeks.
With antibiotic treatment neutralizes not only pathogenic flora, but also of saprophytic with the human body, ie kills bacteria that inhibit the development of mycotic lesions. The spores of fungi are always present in the surrounding non-sterile environment, without the barriers of bacteria, fungi begin to actively proliferate on the skin and mucous membranes. To prevent this phenomenon, take 100 mg "Flucostat" 3-5 day treatment antibacterial agents, earlier should not, since the bacteria do not perish in an instant and fungal spores also germinate immediately.