Lovemaking in this pose, both partners should be facing each other. Lady spreads legs (slightly more than the width of the hips), standing on half-bent knees. The man squeezes his legs, knees slightly Flex. A man enters penis into the girl, starting to stand up straight and to squat while holding partner by the buttocks - this allows you to speed up or slow down the movement of sexual intercourse.

Who is your zodiac sign fits the attitude of "Peach"

This position is ideal Aquarius – they are by nature sexual experimenters. In this position they will be of interest to a number of orgasms in a row, which will satisfy their passionate ardor.


Pose "Peach" is a favourite position for men who have medium and longer penis size. In this position the Kama Sutra entry angle is awkward, so to reach the goal possible with a solid member. But a woman's clitoris in this position is the highest arousal, the woman may experience a few orgasms in a row. And Frank views of partners combined with a hands-free will do love games long.

Options posture

This position can be improved. For example, the lady can lift one leg, securing it at the waist of the partner, slightly leaning the body back. Or partner can raise her bent leg up to my buttocks - so the penetration deeper.

In General, no matter what kind of sex do you prefer - relaxed in bed or rough on the floor, we recommend you to try to have sex standing in a sensual pose "Peach".