The right kitchen layout

Experienced designers when planning a kitchen premises use the rule of triangle: the distance between the three main points should be no more than two meters. The basis workspace of the kitchen area are storage (refrigerator), preparation (sink and a work Desk) and cooking area (stove). The perfect location, has the shape of a triangle with sides of 1200-1800 meters, can be a little more.

If the distance between these regions is greater than or in between there are obstacles, the cooking can take up to 60% more time.

But usually the room to the kitchen make it impossible to put all the items in the form of a triangle: depending on the size of the room you can build them in one or two rows, to make the area or create a "island".

The location of the plate

Each of the three vertices of the triangle must be in place that meets certain conditions. So, the sink is usually installed at the stage of construction of the house and rarely changes its location: it must be closest to the pipes. For a refrigerator it is desirable to select a place not exposed to direct sun rays.

To a gas stove to meet very strict requirements. She should not stand next to any appliances, especially in front of the fridge: it may badly affect their work. The distance between them should be at least 15 inches, but it is better to put between them a cutting table or other furniture. Between furniture and a stove is also necessary to leave a small distance. From walls it is necessary to recede about 6 inches.

It is advisable to put a plate near the gas pipeline, but at a sufficient distance from the sink (within the rules of the triangle) to drop water and dishwashing detergent were not included in the pan. Also the stove must be put far from the window or balcony door, the wind extinguished the flame.

Standard size plates

To account for all of the above rules, you need to know the approximate size of gas stoves. The dimensions of the plate are selected in dependence not only on the square footage of the kitchen, but from the size of other kitchen appliances: they must be harmonious.

Unambiguous standards in the production of plates does not exist: there is a very small and wide plate. But the average depth of this device is about 50-60 cm, width – from 60 to 100. The wider the plate, the easier the cooking, but the places it takes longer.

Standard size is 60 by 60, less a small plate, above a large.