Advice 1: What is homeopathic medicine

Efficacy of homeopathic drugs today is causing a lot of controversy. However, despite disagreement among medical professionals and consumers, homeopathic medicine for today popular and produced in large volumes both in Russia and abroad.
Homeopathic preparat

What constitutes a homeopathic remedy?

Homeopathic drug, in fact, can not be attributed to medications in the conventional sense, since it has no specific pronounced effect. So, homeopathic medicines are not antiseptics, analgesics, bakteriostatikami, etc., but they do affect the organism as a whole and not to any particular organ or organ system.

Raw materials for the manufacture of homeopathic medicines can only be of natural origin – plant, animal or mineral, that fundamentally distinguishes this group of drugs drugs from traditional medicine. Today there are several thousand names of homeopathic medicines, and the majority of them is made on Botanical raw materials – flowers, roots, fruits and leaves of various plants. Some of the drugs in homeopathy are produced from animal venoms, for example, snake, bee, spider, etc.

The main advantage of these drugs, the supporters of homeopathy called their safety for the body and the absence of any side effects. The saying "One treat, another cripple it completely loses its relevance.

How are homeopathic medicines?

The most common form of homeopathic remedies are small pellets, balls made from lactose impregnated by a therapeutic substance. An important rule when taking these medications – they should not be taken by hand from the packaging, only with a spoon, so as not to violate the purity of the drug. As the dosage of treating component in homeopathic medicines is very small, the law of preservation of the purity of pellets – one of the main.

Do not take the medicine with food or half an hour before eating or an hour after the meal. If you just swallow or chew a homeopathic granule, its efficacy can be fully neutralized in the digestive tract. That is why the drug should it dissolve.

If assigned two homoeopathic remedy, in any case can not make their appointment at the same time – should take breaks between meals and the second one at least hours.

Homeopathic medicines more than others are afraid of bright light, moisture and high temperature. They should be stored exclusively in the refrigerator, otherwise the whole effect of the treatment will be reduced to zero.

Advice 2 : What is homeopathic medicines

Homeopathic medicines are very widely used in the modern world for the prevention and treatment of acute respiratory infections. The majority of people using them have no idea of how to act these medicines. So what lurks under the phrase "homeopathic medicines"?
What is homeopathic medicines
Homeopathy is a special system of treatment, developed by German Dr. Samuel Hanemanna. In the late eighteenth century he formulated the basic principles of homeopathy, which since then has not changed.
The main principle of homeopathy is that if a substance causes a symptom of any disease, small doses of this substance have the opposite effect, i.e., eliminate the disease. A classic example is quinine, a substance that is derived from the bark of the Cinchona tree. It causes fever and other symptoms similar to malaria. Accordingly, small doses of this substance from the point of view of homeopathy malaria need to be treated. In other words, "like cures like".
The second of the fundamental principles of homeopathy concerns the ideas about the size of a small doses of the substance. In homeopathy under similar doses understand an infinitely small quantity. The active substance is diluted in water, it is shaken or dinamiteros. Shaking allows water to remember the benefits (energy, essence) of the substance, to gather information. In the water due to infinitesimal dilutions may not be a single molecule of the active substance. To treat this case we use the memory or the information density of the liquid. The higher the dilution of the medicines in homeopathy, the less active substances present in its composition.
As a rule, such water is mixed with ordinary icing sugar or other neutral substance, and obtained from her balls already assigned to the patient. It should be noted that currently, homeopathic medicines can be manufactured in ointments, drops, solutions and even candles.
It is believed that charged water affects not so much on the physical body of man as to its energy field. It is as if this field conveys the correct information. Homeopaths believe that they treat not a disease, but directly to the patient, which is the third principle of homeopathy. That treatment can be more effective, it is not recommended to use more than two drugs.
Unfortunately, to prove the efficacy of homeopathic medicines using the principles of conventional medicine, it is impossible. Homeopathy can be built on the belief or the effect "placebo". Only this can explain why for some people it has a really noticeable effect, allowing you to cope with serious diseases and others does not help.
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