Advice 1: The pros and cons of VAZ 2109

In 1987, Volzhsky automobile factory has pleased motorists of the new model, called VAZ 2109. This iconic car, according to many drivers is the best car of those that ever were produced by AVTOVAZ. Although its shortcomings have "nine" also had.
The car VAZ 2109
Model 2109 has had a few modifications. The first "nine" was equipped with petrol engines volume of 1.3 L. it was Further released versions more common is the VAZ 21093 and VAZ 21093i. These models were equipped with a more powerful engine with a volume of 1.5 L. And VAZ 21093i was even with a fuel-injected engine.
In 1991-1993, 2109 received a so-called long front fenders.

The advantages of "nine"

Most of the owners of VAZ 2109 was considered a great, which is weird because its length is 4 meter, width 1.6 m, height 1.4 meters, and it weighs 945 kg. But not referring to its size, and its wide door through which was very comfortable to sit in the lounge. All doors of the car were really impressive size. And in the trunk you could put different loads that would not fit in the trunk of the usual "Lada".

Front and rear suspension of the car was very successful. Many drivers complain about the quality of local roads, and 2109 were comfortable for roads of low quality. Thanks to these suspensions, the driver and passengers "the nine" felt less jolts and bumps.
2109 equipped with front independent suspension, while the rear was semi-independent with transverse beam.

The lightness of this car, of course, affect the speed. And fans of fast driving rapidly dissected on "the nines." It is clear that to date, this model cannot compete with a modern car, but at that time it was considered quite fast and dynamic.

Cons 2109

Model VAZ 2109 with the start of output of the production line in 1987 was equipped with vosmiklapanny engine, which in those days was normal. But "nine" of the 21st century was also vosmiklapanny, although many cars are equipped shestnadcatiletnim engine. Shestnadtsatiletnij the engine exceeds: maximum power, maximum speed and maximum torque. So "nine" began to lag in the literal sense.

It is also worth noting that the results of crash tests in 2002 2109 scored 2.6 points out of 16 for frontal impact and 0-for-4 for the safety. What he says about the unreliability of the car in case of an accident.

Despite the drawbacks, the car was extremely popular. However, in 2004, production at AVTOVAZ over. And "nine" started to produce in Zaporozhye (Ukraine) for the AvtoZAZ. And in 2011 2109 completely become history. Its production stopped, which disappointed many fans of the model.

Advice 2: How to set contactless ignition for VAZ

The ignition system is one of the main systems of the car. If the ignition timing is set correctly, the engine will overheat and will not develop full power, will significantly increase fuel consumption, there will be detonation. To check ignition timing you can use the strobe light. You can install it as in the workshop, and independently.
How to set contactless ignition for VAZ
Unplug the vacuum headlight vacuum hose. To check the ignition timing, must be connected to the terminal "plus" battery clamp "plus" strobe. To 'minus' of the battery connect the clamp minus the strobe.
Remove high voltage wire from the slot of the first cylinder of the lid sensor-distributor. Sensor strobe paste in its place and connect it to the high-voltage wire. From the hatch of the clutch housing, remove the rubber plug. Start the engine, install it, according to the tachometer, the engine speed in the range of 820-900 rpm.
Light flashing strobe direct flow into the hatch of the clutch housing. The mark on the flywheel and a flashing light will appear to be stationary. If the ignition timing is set correctly, it will be between the middle and the previous bars. If not, adjust the ignition timing.
Loosen slightly the nuts securing the sensor rail. To increase the ignition timing, rotate the sensor housing of the dispenser clockwise (mark "plus" on the flange of the housing to the ledge on the housing of the actuator). Note that one division on the flange corresponds to 8 degrees of rotation of the crankshaft. To decrease the angle, turn the body of the sensor dispenser counterclockwise (mark "minus" to a ledge on the body).
Turn the engine off. Remove the cap from the spark of the first cylinder. Remove the glow plug. Install the piston in the upper dead point. To do this, insert a long screwdriver into the plug hole and turn the crankshaft manually stop it in the moment when she stops and starts to fall. Remove the rubber cover of the clutch housing. At this point, the average risk on the flywheel should be located directly in front of the cutout on the scale.
Open the cover of the sensor dispenser and, using her fingers to remove the gaps, align the single line mark and rotary lobe stator. Secure the sensor in the distributor. Check the setting of the plugs on a warm engine at a speed of 60 km/h on a flat road. This sharply press the accelerator. If will feel a temporary detonation, which quickly passes, the ignition timing is set correctly.

Advice 3: What kind of oil is better to pour into VAZ 2109

The quality of the oil filled in the vehicle system, depends directly on the duration of its operation. However, buying a product, even from a known brand, you need to know and technical characteristics of the oil.
What kind of oil is better to pour into VAZ 2109

Varieties of motor oil

Choosing a suitable lubricant for VAZ 2109, you should primarily focus on the recommendations of the manufacturer. Today the market offers three main types of lubricant. The first type is mineral oil, which refers to the budget option. Such material is produced during oil refining and further refining. "Mineral water" in the vast majority of cases is used on older vehicles or with high mileage, over 100,000 miles), with worn out engines.

"Synthetic" owes its existence to the chemical synthesis of molecular compounds. This oil has a high vaporization temperature. Such as allows you to save all the operating parameters of the lubricant, at high engine loads.

Among the oils there is an intermediate option – polysynthetic. It's oil with synthetic and mineral components. Making a choice in favor of one or another type of oil, it is necessary to consider that in synthetics and polysynthetic there are different supplements that can damage some engine components on older cars. This is because the previously used material, possessing low resistance to high chemical activity, which have modern oil.

How to choose lubricant for VAZ 2109

After you have chosen the type of lubricant necessary to determine the viscosity of oil, the value of which can be understood from the alphanumeric code on the packaging. For example, 10W-40. The first number shows the viscosity of the material at subzero temperatures. The smaller it is, the lower the viscosity, so the cold engine easier to start. The second number indicates the viscosity at high temperature. What number is higher, the higher the viscosity with increasing engine load. If the oil is too thin, it will not be able to form a protective film on surfaces of engine, which will lead to its rapid wear.

If in your region the temperature drops below minus 10 ° C, then buy the brand of oil where the front is "0" (for example 0W-50) makes no sense, for example, 10W-40. I.e., for winter operation it is desirable to use the oil in the designation of which the first figure 5-10. More fluid lubricant with the first digit "0" will be needed if you have harsh climate and are constantly in winter, minus 30 and below.

The second important thing that you need to consider when buying oil, driving style. If you prefer to go quickly and sharply, i.e. with high engine loads, it is preferable to buy oil, having high viscosity at high temperature: 10W-50, 5W-50 or even 0W-50. If riding style is moderate, you can stay in the marches, where the second number 40.
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