Advice 1: What kind of engine you can put on VAZ-2109

Car tuning should not end with a transformation only appearance. Special attention should be given to the drive unit. The easiest option is to install a 16-ticklepenny the cylinder head. But you can install a motor with cars or newer Frets.
Engine VAZ 2112 on the top corner
VAZ-2109 at the time was a very popular car. Robust motor, sturdy body, attractive appearance. And the car itself was created with the participation of designers from the famous car company Porsche. But today, when power is not enough, it makes you wonder about the tuning of the motor. But it is necessary to increase capacity? What to consider when replacing the engine?

For some time now Russia has a law according to which during registration of the car required the engine number. The motor is now considered just a replacement part that can be replaced like an air filter or bursting of the tire. This law prompted the fans of tuning to the improvement of their cars.

What to consider when replacing the engine

Ideal for "nine" is, of course, the same engine. But in the case when undergoing a complete modernization of the machine, its capacity will be insufficient. The most appropriate option would be a 16-ticklepenny engine VAZ-2112, and which horses more, and the design is newer.

And on such a motor can safely install the a / C compressor, and your car will be fresh and cool even in the terrible heat. On a standard engine, "nine", even with a volume of 1.5 liters, install air conditioning, too, can only be noticeable apparent lack of horses. Everything else will have to replace the alternator, as the power of the consumers increases.

The good thing is that the engine VAZ-2112 is joined with a box of nines. Also a good option for tuning is to install the engine with the "priors", a more modern model of "Lada". As for foreign engines, motor Hyundai Accent beautifully set under the hood nines, only desirable and transmission to take "Accent". With "Opel vektra" also the power unit is suitable for tuning.

What else should I change and do

You increase the power of the motor. Consequently, in the braking system to use a more durable pads and rotors. The ideal option will also replace a rear drum to disk brake. Changes should be in the cooling system. Install the radiator, which is designed for the new engine. It is possible that the volume of the cooling radiator VAZ-2109 will not be enough.

Whatever it was, but the documents on the engine you should have. If buying it second-hand, ask the seller of the document confirming the right of ownership. Do not buy a motor of unknown origin, as it can be removed from the car, which is registered in the hijacking. If you buy a contract engine, the firm-seller will provide you with a guarantee, and a full package of documents. And here registration of alteration in the traffic police – it depends entirely on your desire. The ideal option is to contact the police with a request to produce the design of a new engine.

Advice 2: How to put the air conditioner on VAZ

Most Russians drive cars VAZ. They are practical and low maintenance. However, only recently picking some recent models have begun to install air conditioning. But such models have a much higher price. What to do if you have the model VAZ without air conditioning? To install it on their own.
How to put the air conditioner on VAZ
You will need
  • Set for installation of air conditioning, garage, lighting, tools.
For a start, consider the installation of air conditioning in your car. The fact that the installed air-conditioning consumes a lot of energy from the alternator of your car. Consumes capacity of the engine, and our cars do not differ by the presence engine with a large capacity. So consider whether or not to spend money on buying the kit to install the air conditioner? After all, he's no additional improvements it can easily incapacitate your car.
If you are determined to enrich the equipment in your vehicle the air conditioning, you should choose a kit to install it. In such a set usually includes the air conditioning and all the extra parts. Currently on the shelves of auto shops you will be able to find a wide range of such sets. Do not install the air conditioner from another brand of car, as in this case, you will have to spend a lot of self-improvements. And in such sets is everything needed to install without major alterations. That is, you do not need cooking or to alter the body.
Select the location where you will install. Better to find a garage with good lighting. Also you need the tool and additional handheld lamp to illuminate hard to reach places. Set the Parking brake and remove the negative battery terminal.You will also need to dismantle the car dashboard and steering wheel.
Carefully read the instructions for installing the air conditioner. It described in detail the entire installation process. Installation start mount the compressor, cooling the freon and fan. A standard oven will have to cut to install a fan for cooling the radiator. Connect all ducts, the radiator and the air conditioning tubes through which passes the flow of air. Connect everything to the power supply. When you do this, be sure to use fuses. Find a place for the power button of the air conditioner. To control the temperature of the air flow you can use the standard levers. Check tightness of all air ducting. Collect all and make the first switch.
Useful advice
Proceed with the installation only if you are confident in your abilities.

Advice 3: How to increase the power of the engine of VAZ 2109

The domestic car tuning is an interesting exercise, which involved almost every owner. Decorate the exterior, and the interior of the vehicle. Not overlooked and a motor, which gives some more horses.
Tuning VAZ-2109
The body design of nine can be very attractive after the tuning, but if under the hood is the motor which horses wither, the overall impression of the car is bad. Therefore it is necessary to change the power unit to the maximum, to not only look good, but effectively to start from traffic lights. And it will be required to undertake a range of activities aimed at improving the dynamics and power.

Relief nodes – the key to success

You will need to facilitate the following engine components:
- pistons;
- the crankshaft;
- rods;
- the flywheel.

You can find lighter parts, produced specifically for tuning engines. In addition, the increase in the motor will add a few horsepower. But the maximum boring of cylinders to use is highly undesirable. Just in case the next overhaul will have to install a new liner. And that's a pretty large outlay of money.

Change the carb to the injector

If you have a carburettor the fuel injection system, it is best to replace the injector. In the end, you will receive a lot of benefits, against which the defects are not very noticeable. The advantages include:

- able to flash the ECU for the desired mode of operation;
- fuel economy;
- possibility of installation of the turbocharger;
- reduction of emissions of harmful substances (although few people care about).

The turbo works best with fuel injected motors. At the carbs there is a line – they are sensitive to the amount of air. There is also the possibility to install LPG fourth-generation car. Don't bet fifth, because it's expensive to maintain and repair, and opportunities on a par with the fourth. The power loss is only 3%, but the fuel savings will be noticeable.

The installation of the turbine

This is something that can increase engine power a few times. Quality turbine from a reliable manufacturer will improve the performance of the motor many times. Only it is desirable that the engine was in perfect condition, otherwise, the maximum squeeze will not work. The turbine is driven by exhaust gases, so it works only with the engine running. You could even say that the motor works by itself.

From the impeller in the exhaust manifold, the motion is transmitted along the axis of the compressor, is made using gears. This type of compressor is not afraid of high temperatures and durable enough. In the end, the air under high pressure is injected into the power system, the engine power is increased.

There are many nuances in the operation of the turbine. For example, at certain engine speeds there is a failure. In this work the turbocharger is not felt. Slightly overpaying, you can buy a turbine, which is equipped with two compressors, in which the failure occurs at different engine speeds. In the end, they cancel each other out, and the driver does not appear uncomfortable by such behavior of the motor.
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