What not to eat after birth?

In the period after childbirth appears even more restricted than during pregnancy. If pregnant women are unable to afford many of the products, even undesirable, as their consumption does not affect the health, nursing mothers can no longer eat certain foods simply because it leads to deterioration of milk, the result is that the child eats poorly, stops eating or is suffering from allergies.

There is a list of prohibited products for a period after childbirth. It's all allergens – chocolate, citrus fruits, eggs, juices, alcohol, crabs. Also not recommended food, from which there is flatulence, beans, peas, cabbage, black bread. You can't eat spicy food, garlic and onions, as they degrade the taste and quality of milk. Can't drink strong coffee and tea, milk, the result is to stimulate the nervous system of the child. Very carefully need eat fruits, berries, honey, nuts, sugar, some types of fish – if a woman is prone to allergies, these products are better excluded. It is undesirable to eat pastry, mayonnaise, meats, fatty foods, including fat.

Most of these products not only have the first few weeks after birth, then gradually you can enter in the menu, watching the child's reaction.

What can I eat after birth?

Many postnatal women think that bans so much that almost no remains tasty and permitted food. Actually it is not – these severe limitations leave a large selection of what is possible and even useful to have the nursing mother. First and foremost is the variety of dairy products, including fermented milk, yogurt, yogurt, yogurt. It's advisable to their fat content does not exceed 2.5 %. You can eat lean meats and fish, poultry. Allowed all cereals, white bread, and vegetables, besides those that were mentioned in the prohibited list. You can drink fruit drinks, weak tea, fruit drinks, mineral water without gas. The first three days after birth, it is desirable to avoid large amounts of fluids a day is enough to make one liter.

There are special cereals, teas, vitamin complexes and beverage for nursing mothers.

It is important not only to adhere to the established rules, but also to monitor their condition or health of a child. If you experience a reaction to any product, it is necessary to eliminate from your diet. It is very important to eat varied and useful, because in the period after birth, the baby gets all the necessary vitamins and substances from your milk, which is saturated with them depending on the food eaten.