Constant pain when emptying the bowel, caused by hemorrhoidal nodes, has a strong negative effect on the human psyche and significantly affect the fullness of life. Even with proper and timely treatment of hemorrhoids, get rid of it is not quite easy, therefore, analgesic therapy is required. Finally the pain will go away after healing of damaged tissues, retraction of hemorrhoids and eliminate the inflammation.
To endure pain in the process of treatment of hemorrhoids strongly not recommended, because the body is regularly experiencing pain during defecation, automatically tries to prevent their amplification. As a result, man starts with constipation, which aggravated the condition and so injured the rectum, and can lead to intoxication with toxins from the stagnant fecal material.
Great pain hemorrhoids these candles as "Anestezol" and "Claimant" that anesthetize, reduce inflammation, facilitate defecation and enhance healing of anal fissures. Furthermore, they dried mucous membranes and have potent antimicrobial activity. No less popular and candles, "relief" based on oil, shark liver effectively pain the rectum, and simultaneously providing hemostatic and immunomodulatory effects.
Well established anesthetic candles "Processional", which heals inflammation of the mucous membrane and tone the veins of the rectum, resulting in vascular permeability is markedly reduced, and venous congestion is eliminated in a short time. To relieve severe pain and to stop bleeding from ruptured hemorrhoids, you can use the product "Candle with adrenaline", which is released only on prescription for young people suffering from hypertension and heart disease. The perfect anesthetic drug are candles "Ginkor Just" on the basis of butamben and Ginkgo biloba extract, pain candles "Posterize" fast healing hemorrhoids rectum.