Pea porridge with butter

Dish cooked using this recipe, perfect as a side dish. It tastes best to eat porridge with grilled meat or sausages cooked on the grill. It is separately possible to submit fresh or dried bread and vegetable salad. If you want to cook a meatless dish, replace the butter with vegetable oil, preferably refined.

You will need:

- 2 cups dried peas;
- butter to taste.

Dry peas soak in cold water for 5-6 hours. Then drain it in a colander and rinse under running water. Grease the bowl multivarki butter - this will prevent future mess from burning. Put in a bowl the peas and fill it with water. The liquid should completely cover the contents of the slow cooker. The sunflower mixture and set in the panel mode "Porridge" or "Rice". The dish will be ready in about an hour.

Wait until the end of the cycle and let the slow cooker to lose steam. Add in ready porridge with butter, stir and put the dish on warmed plates. Serve hot porridge. Note that prepared according to this recipe porridge turns out pretty cool. If you prefer a more liquid consistency, pour in the peas with more water.

Pea porridge with chicken and vegetables

For a hearty lunch cook porridge with chicken, carrots and onions. Use chicken thighs or Breasts - it all depends on your taste. Instead of a chicken for cereal you can use Turkey or lean pork.

You will need:

- 500 g of dried peas;
- 400 g of chicken;
- 1 onion;
- 1 carrot;
- vegetable oil for frying;
- salt and pepper to taste.

The peas soak for a few hours. If you don't have time for soaking, use crushed peas - just rinse well and drain in a colander.

Chicken wash, remove the film, skin and bone, dry meat with paper towel and cut into small pieces. Pour a little vegetable oil in a bowl multivarki, add the chicken and turn the mode "Roasting" for 10 minutes. Slice onions thin half-rings, carrot peel and grate on a grater. Attach the vegetables to the chicken and fry all together for another 10 minutes.

Add a Cup of peas, pour water, season with salt and pepper. The liquid should be 1.5 cm to exceed the contents of the slow cooker. Install panel mode "Quenching" and prepare porridge for 2 hours. The finished dish serve hot, spread it on warmed plates. Porridge can sprinkle with finely chopped parsley.