You will need
    • Peas;
    • enamelware;
    • water;
    • plate.
Prepare the peas for cooking. Before how to cook peas, it should be thoroughly washed, better under running water until the water stays clean and clear. As the peas cooked a long time, there are several ways to speed up its cooking. The first method is soaking. Soak washed peas for 10-12 hours is the optimal amount of time to ensure that he has swollen and absorbed the liquid. It is best to soak the peas the night if you're going to cook porridge in the afternoon. Note that split peas (halves) soak faster.
Then drain the water in which was soaked the peas, rinse again and now put it to boil. Pour cold water into the saucepan so that it not only covers all of the peas, but was higher by two fingers. As soon as the water boils, lower the heat to a slow boil and cook the peas for about 40 minutes.
The second method of accelerating the cooking of the peas - add oil to the water. If you have butter, you better add it, in this case the taste of the peas will only become brighter and richer. In the case where you have only the vegetable oil, add it. The taste of the peas will not change much, but it cooked much faster.
The third way to cook the peas faster - the gradual addition of cold water. Put the saucepan on the fire, and every 8 minutes, pour into it a tablespoon of cold water. This process of sudden change of temperature affects the speed of cooking peas.
After the peas is cooked (cooking time will depend on varieties of peas, and the time of soaking), turn off the stove, add pepper and crush in a saucepan a clove of garlic. It will give the dish extra flavor. Before applying the garlic from cereal remove.