Advice 1: The most famous authors of the bard songs

Bard song is one of the most interesting musical phenomena of the USSR and Russia. Its distinctive features - this is the dominant meaning of the text, not music, special spoken performance style and guitar accompaniment.
The most famous authors of the bard songs

Bulat Okudzhava - a pioneer of Soviet art song

The name of Bulat Okudzhava firmly established in the list of the most famous bards. He was the founder of this style in the Soviet Union. While the official Estrada sang a cheerful and positive songs, Okudzhava created profound works about the meaning of life, hopes and unfulfilled dreams. Each song is a subtle and heartfelt text where the music is just accompaniment. Many of the songs of Okudzhava - "good-bye, boys," "And you, brother, from the infantry", "Your honor, lady Luck" - moved into the category of folk. His compositions are in popular Soviet films 1950-1980-ies.

Alexander Rosenbaum - a doctor and a poet

Despite the fact that Rosenbaum has a medical background with a doctor's work related only to his early works. His Mature bard lyric covers topics of civic duty, the fate of Russia, philosophical questions. Some songs are imbued with Gypsy motifs. A great reservoir of creativity addresses the topic of post-revolutionary Russia. A special place in the lyrics Rosenbaum is the theme of war - the great Patriotic war and the Afghan. Rosenbaum takes his works to the seven-string guitar, but the concerts often performs solo on twelve-string guitars instrument.
Unlike many other bards, Rosenbaum was officially recognized in the USSR.

Vladimir Vysotsky - the legend of Soviet music

Vysotsky was a successful actor, poet and writer. However, most people know him as a performer of art songs. Although Vysotsky himself did not like when his work was considered to be the bard, many of his motives are similar. As well as bards, Vysotsky paid great attention to text, not music. In his works there are songs about war, love poems, satirical verses and acute social topics. An interesting phenomenon was the song-dialogues, where Vysotsky sings in different voices portraying different characters.
In honor of Vysotsky named more than 170 urban sites.

Yuri Vizbor - the Creator of the song-report

Yuri Vizbor, as Bulat Okudzhava, is at the origin of an author's song. On creativity Vizbor affected his rich life experience - he worked as a journalist, played in the theater, mountaineering and football, went to the flying club. His first singing work Vizbor wrote as a student of the Moscow pedagogical Institute. Later, he became the author of the anthem of the Moscow state pedagogical Institute. The first song Vizbora spread informally, but since the 1960s his work becomes popular. Vizbor was the founder of the genre of the song story. These works were published in the journal "Horizon".

Advice 2 : Where are the bards

The term "bard" was first introduced in medieval Europe. The so-called wandering singers, and performing his own songs, and folk ballads. In the middle of the XX century in the USSR, the bards were called performers of art song, i.e. the meaning of the word has not changed.
Where are the bards

The clubs of art song

During the "thaw", i.e. in the mid 50-ies in the USSR there were clubs of the author, or an Amateur song (PCB). For fans of this genre were allocated rooms in the Houses of culture, officers and other cultural centers. They were supervised by the departments of culture and was the Islands of freedom amidst the sea of official ideology. Periodically, the clubs have had trouble if they crossed the allowed limits. KSP often teetered on the verge of closing, but, nevertheless, relatively well existed until the end of perestroika, as a valve for discharge of superheated steam. After perestroika and the ascendance of the market economy from KSP has fallen on hard times since the local authorities often simply lack the desire or the funds to pay the rent for the bards. However, in many settlements of the IER preserved. Their addresses are available on the city websites or by the culture Department of the municipality.

Travel clubs

Author music is inextricably linked with the classical tourism: mountain, water, Hiking. All the famous Soviet bards or engaged in tourism themselves, or wrote about the tourists: about the romance of long journeys, dangerous river rapids, Hiking and climbing... These songs are sung for generations of tourists to the former Soviet Union. Songs with guitar or a Cappella around a campfire in camp – a mandatory part of a successful campaign. If the city has no club of author's songs, bards can be collected in tourist clubs.

The festivals of bard songs

Most bards are going on the festivals of author's song. The most famous of them – it's annually held since 1968 in late June in Togliatti, Samara region. Currently, the festival was divided into 2. The second festival takes place at the same time in Mastrokosta lakes of the Samara region.

In addition, in each region of Russia in the warm season there are regional bard festivals: the "Sail of hope" in the Voronezh region, Oskol Lira" in Belgorod, "Autograph August in Lipetsk, "Robinson Crusoe" in the Leningrad, etc., Information about the festivals in each region is available on the Internet. On the official pages of the festivals specified time and venue and the most convenient route to get there.
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