Some interesting horror movies

Every year horror movies are becoming bloodthirsty. For example, there is a line of paintings "the destination". Altogether 5 parts. Fans of outright violence is viewed from the third part to the fifth. Well, fans of the paranormal it is better to watch first and second.

Often movies contain bloody scenes. For example, movies like "Saw", "silent hill" and some other never was not different in humanity. They that neither death, so be sure to intestines and blood.

Some people prefer horror with a subtext, it may be such films as "Paranormal activity," "Insidious" "the Conjuring," and others. They will never lose their relevance, since the subject of the spirit world will always be popular.

There is another kind of horror films about a zombie Apocalypse. The best of them admit "night of the living dead", "the war of the worlds Z", but for fans of hardcore with a sense of humor you can recommend movies like "Welcome to Zombieland".

There are still a few paintings about the horrors of people with special abilities. Refers to this recent film "Telekinesis", based on the Stephen king book "Carrie". This writer is not in vain called the king of terrors. He wrote many different books-thrillers and horror films. According to these books, has directed such films as "children of the corn", the "Mangler", "It", "Shine", "losing weight" and others. All these films are imbued with unseen horror and like most avid fans of these masterpieces.
Movies by Stephen king are different in that fear lies not in the dramatic moments in the plot and his understanding.


The story of "the Astral" was filmed in two parts. The first part describes how not so common a family moved into a new house, overtaken by misfortune – the son of the family, a little boy falls into a long sleep, the cause of which no one can explain.
The inconsolable mother Renee in desperation to the experts on the paranormal.

After some time manage to know why the boy had inherited from his father Dalton's ability to leave the body during sleep. Once asleep, he left and lost. The father leaves the astral plane to find her son. He finds the boy with the evil spirit and steals it. On the way back the father encounters a spirit that chased him in the past. After returning to the real world, it is found that instead of the father's spirit in his body was possessed by an evil spirit. In this first part ends.

In the second part of the horror family once again moved. The family suspects that the father was possessed by the spirit, but it behaves very naturally. And Rene is forced to again turn to the experts on the paranormal, and they find out that the spirit that lives in the head of the family, once belonged to the killer-crazy. And they decided to expel the spirit from the body of the father. In the end, they all work, and the family continues to lead a quiet life.