Before kórnik was served only on special occasions, such as weddings to treat the newlyweds and the guests of honor. Today it is baked not only on holidays but also in any spare time to please your family a delicious lunch or dinner.

You need to prepare kurnik

To prepare the kórnik takes a lot of time. As for the food, they also need a lot. But it's worth it, as a result, nobody is left indifferent. Cake is so hearty and delicious that it just can not please. Juicy filling in a tender shortcrust pastry just melts in your mouth, which makes this dish unique.

Satiety of the cake is achieved through the use of at least two kinds of stuffing and a special mushroom sauce. Each filling is made separately, and therefore time to cook kurnik out a lot. But if filled with more and less clear and its preparation, as a rule, does not cause special difficulties Housewives, kneading dough should be treated more seriously, as it depends on him how the taste will have a finished cake.

How to cook a delicious shortbread dough to kórnik

First you need to decide on the ingredients list, which should include:

- egg yolk – 2 pieces;
- baking powder – 1 tsp;
- sour cream – 200 g;
- butter – 200 g;
- sugar – 0.5 CH. l;
salt - of 0.25 tsp;
- flour – 2 tbsp.

Very tasty dough for kórnik not very heavy. Moreover, it does not take much time. Only some products from the list must be prepared in advance, namely, to get the butter out of the fridge and carefully sift the flour. Oil by the time of kneading the dough should be soft, that is why it is kept at room temperature for at least half an hour.

Whisk well the egg yolks with the sugar and salt, then add to the resulting mass sour cream and softened butter. Stir the mass until smooth. This can be done with a fork or mixer on low speed. Now add the sifted flour premixed with baking powder. To fill the flour in small portions, to avoid lumps.

Knead the dough. It should be smooth and uniform. After that, dough for kórnik wrap in cling film and store it in a cold place, about 20 minutes. After this time the dough can be used to make a cake.