Useful properties of mushrooms

White mushroom contains nearly 90% water, but in the remaining "bottom line" it is a solid benefit. There are a lot digestible in the human body of proteins and essential amino acids are carbohydrates and glycogen. The flesh is white fungus contains the alkaloid geradin used to treat heart disease, as well as Riboflavin, is essential for the normal functioning of the thyroid gland, health of nails and hair. In the white mushrooms the highest amount of b vitamins, they also contain minerals, phosphates and potassium salts.

Especially cooking porcini mushrooms

This is one of the few species of fungi, which do not darken on the cut, so the broth remains light. If the white mushroom is suitable for frying, pre-boil it is not necessary. Harvest them in salted and marinated, frozen fresh, but often dry. Dried mushrooms – this is the quintessential mushroom flavor and aroma, soup of them more intense than cooked fresh. How much and how to cook mushrooms, it depends on fresh or dried mushrooms you are going to cook.
Rich broth, cooked white mushrooms, you can pour in the silicone molds, freeze and store then as a semi-finished product in the freezer.

How to cook white mushrooms

Fresh mushrooms go through and cut off the tips of the legs. If there are worms affected areas, they can be cut, but better than half an hour to soak the prepared mushrooms in salted cold water, then the worms will run away themselves. Mushrooms of small size can be cooked, cut them in half or whole, large should be cut into pieces.

After that put the mushrooms in boiling salted water and wait until the moment of boiling, as this will start the increased foaming, and the foam will need to constantly to remove. Fire once the broth comes to a boil, reduce to count time. From the moment of boiling the mushrooms should be boiled for 35-40 minutes, no more.
The water in which they were soaked dry porcini mushrooms, also can be used for preparation of mushroom sauces and gravies.

In that case, when you want to cook dry mushrooms, they should be pre-soaked in boiling water and leave, covered, for 3-4 hours. Then they should together with the water in which they soaked, pour in boiling water. Large amount of foam in the pan in this case will not be so after the water boils again, reduce the heat and cook the mushrooms for 30-35 minutes. Spices, besides salt and Bay leaf, mushroom broth not put in order "not to kill" its natural flavor.