Shortness of breath

If you feel that you hard to breathe, the first thing you need to try to explain for themselves why this is happening. Symptom of of feeling of heavy breathing is shortness of breath. The reason for this may be insignificant to blood levels of oxygen. Brain centre responsible for breathing, makes breathing more often, causing shortness of breath. This disorder can be caused by migrated and congenital diseases.

When it is difficult to breathe

Shortness of breath occurs when disease of the internal organs. Improve breathing in this case, it will be through doctor and use them as recipes for local treatment of the disease, inhaler or oxygen therapy. You need to seek help in medical institutions with the aim of finding disease causing oxygen starvation.

If you have obvious difficulties with breath, most likely, to blame become diseases of the vascular system. If hard to exhale, the problems lie among the respiratory organs (asthma, for example).

If you feel difficult to inhale and exhale, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the "inner world" of the body. Some people are susceptible to panic attacks. This phenomenon stems from the obvious danger of life or self-psychological introduction of this state in the absence of reasons. In such cases, you should calm down, try to bring the breath to a normal rhythm, psychologically tune in a positive way and to find an explanation of the situation that caused the attack. Sometimes the movies show how the person is breathing in a paper bag. It helps, as it restores the carbon-oxygen balance. If time after time to deal with it alone not under force, it is necessary to resort to medical treatment.

Very often it's hard to breathe people who are overweight. Excessive weight is accompanied by shortness of breath. The increase in body size increases the length of blood vessels and veins, which help blood deliver oxygen to organs. The solution to this problem is to independently work on themselves. You will help change attitudes on diet, adherence, high mobility in the course of a day or even surgery to reduce fat.

The difficulty in getting air also is caused by obstruction of the airway. The most frequent question deviated nasal septum. This is only surgery. Weak physical training will make themselves felt with shortness of breath if you walk up several floors or in a hurry to catch up with city traffic. As a elimination of shortness of breath for this reason, you should start to exercise with low intensity.

The process of normal breathing can be difficult, if you live close to industrial areas of the city. Don't just settle for a small percentage of oxygen in the air, it is better to move.