The answer to the question "What to do if problems with breathing?", depends on various reasons due to disturbance of this physiological process.

The root causes of failures in the respiratory system there may be the following factors:

1. Exercise. To saturate the muscles in such circumstances, you need more oxygen than the respiratory system can not always. This shortness of breath passes quickly. It usually occurs due to a lack of the body fitness and obesity. Cease any burden, try to take a deep breath and hold your breath. Do this several times.

2. Various nervous condition and stress causes spasms of the respiratory tract that impede the flow of oxygen. In order to get rid of them you need to breathe deeply belly, take sedatives (Valerian, Motherwort, Corvalol, etc.)

3. Chronic fatigue can be a symptom of anemia, in which blood is not fully oxygenated and, consequently, difficult breathing. The symptoms are: fatigue in the morning, pale skin. Needs to have a blood test.

4. Bronchial asthma is manifested short choppy breath and a long exhalation, accompanied by whistling and wheezing. It is necessary to identify the allergen, to schedule a consultation with an allergist.

5. Vascular spasms in the brain causing disruption of breathing and are accompanied by a headache. A similar phenomenon happens after a hard flu, or injury. You need to consult a neurologist.

6. Lung diseases are accompanied violation breathing, and chronic cough, fever up to 37,2-37,5 in the evenings. In this case, it is necessary to consult a pulmonologist.

7. For heart failure characterized by frequent breathing, difficult inhaling and exhaling. Need ECG, examination by a cardiologist. If you think you have angina, put under language a tablet of nitroglycerine or validol.