From not too severe dyspnea help hot foot bath. Steam feet or put on the soles of mustard, while take Nospanum, papaverine or aminophylline, as a result, the attack will soon pass.
If shortness of breath is strong, it can be fought by inhalation. Buy drugs for asthmatics and do inhalations of these funds. Also help when severe shortness of breath salbutamol and ventolin, they relax bronchi and normalize the function of the respiratory system, thus practically harmless.
More effective drugs such as berotek, alupent and actopan. But they have a serious side effect: the first can cause severe muscle tremors, the other two sometimes lead to heart disorder.
If you are already suffering from dysfunction of cardiac activity while experiencing shortness of breath, the condition can facilitate the remedy on the basis of isoprenaline. All of them, improving the respiratory apparatus, gently operate on the heart muscle. However, these drugs should not be taken during ischemia.
When not helping inhalation drugs, these same tools can be administered in the form of injection subcutaneously, intravenously or intramuscularly. However, doing it yourself in any case impossible, the dosage and method prescribed by your doctor.
Severe attacks of shortness of breath cropped with the help of adrenaline. It is administered usually subcutaneously, 0.4-0.5 ml. Contraindications – hypertension, and high patient age (over 60 years).
If severe dyspnea does not help any of the funds listed above, require hospitalization. Call an ambulance and go to hospital. Before sending them to the hospital the doctor usually injects a medicine from the group of glucocorticoids: gidrokortizon, dexamethasone, etc. These drugs are not required to be in the form of injections, you can take a pill or inhalation.
Is that the cause of the dyspnea is a banal Allergy. In this case, you just need to eliminate the irritant – pollen, pet dander, dust, etc. should Also drink an antihistamine, and apply strengthen the immune system medications.