You will need
  • - a paper bag.
If failure of respiration caused by severe stress, a person is very easy to recover and simple to realize, what was happening to him. You may feel a strong discomfort, but not to understand its causes. Strong emotions cause skin contraction of blood vessels, which impairs blood circulation to the lungs and causes difficulty breathing. In addition, there may be a spasm of the diaphragm and the chest that causes slight panic attack. First of all try to calm down. Concentrate on your breathing, making it deep and even. Control your breaths, making them lighter. Breaths try to carry out powerful and strong.
Learn belly breathing. This type of breathing is used in modern fitness and yoga. During inspiration inflate the stomach as much as possible and exhale much leave him out of himself. This breath not only promotes the restoration of the right lung and diaphragm, but stabilizes blood pressure and even helps to cope with the extra weight. As soon as you feel the slightest stress, start breathing with your belly and diaphragm. You will feel that the tension is released.
There is one simple trick – the breath in her clasped hands. You probably saw in foreign films characters breathe in a paper bag – this helps too. Of course, in our country, this is the package to find not very easy, so try to master the breath in the palm of your hand. Fold together the palms of the hands and exhale deeply in them. This exercise, despite its simplicity, makes it easy to breath under stress.