Advice 1: How to restore breathing

To recover the downed breath is important not only to those involved in the sport. In ordinary life often there are situations when breathing is disturbed, and to do this without prior training is very difficult. If you want to learn how to restore calm breathing and to develop the habit of breathing in any situation, you need to remember a few simple rules.
How to restore breathing
You will need
  • - a paper bag.
If failure of respiration caused by severe stress, a person is very easy to recover and simple to realize, what was happening to him. You may feel a strong discomfort, but not to understand its causes. Strong emotions cause skin contraction of blood vessels, which impairs blood circulation to the lungs and causes difficulty breathing. In addition, there may be a spasm of the diaphragm and the chest that causes slight panic attack. First of all try to calm down. Concentrate on your breathing, making it deep and even. Control your breaths, making them lighter. Breaths try to carry out powerful and strong.
Learn belly breathing. This type of breathing is used in modern fitness and yoga. During inspiration inflate the stomach as much as possible and exhale much leave him out of himself. This breath not only promotes the restoration of the right lung and diaphragm, but stabilizes blood pressure and even helps to cope with the extra weight. As soon as you feel the slightest stress, start breathing with your belly and diaphragm. You will feel that the tension is released.
There is one simple trick – the breath in her clasped hands. You probably saw in foreign films characters breathe in a paper bag – this helps too. Of course, in our country, this is the package to find not very easy, so try to master the breath in the palm of your hand. Fold together the palms of the hands and exhale deeply in them. This exercise, despite its simplicity, makes it easy to breath under stress.
If the asthma attacks to happen you and often occur regardless of stress and other external influences, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Perhaps you have spasm of the bronchi, heart disease or asthma.
Useful advice
Emotions should never hold it in. In this case, you will experience more stress, which would adversely affect the breathing and General health. Try to Express your dissatisfaction or to ignore an unpleasant situation through.

Advice 2 : How to restore blood flow

If you have a slow blood circulation arise from health problems, disrupted cardiovascular system, which could cause clots. To restore circulation, it is necessary to follow a healthy lifestyle, giving up bad habits, eat right, focus on physical activity and taking medications that promote blood thinners.
How to restore blood flow
You will need
  • - preparations based on Ginkgo biloba;
  • - meadowsweet;
  • - horse chestnut.
First and foremost, to restore circulation ditch unhealthy habits. Nicotine promotes the constriction of blood vessels, which negatively affects the bloodstream. Alcoholic beverages provoke a thickening of the blood, the stretching of the vessels and the blood clots. No matter what he fortress. The view that a glass of wine thins the blood and improves circulation – it is nothing like the myth. When receiving the wine, the initial effect is vasodilatation, but then inevitably there is a sharp contraction, which leads to disruption of blood circulation.
Eat right. Refrain from fatty, spicy, fried foods, animal fats, do not overeat, eat fractional and often. Systematically monitor your weight. Poor diet and excess weight is one of the leading causes of impaired circulation.
Exercise, move more. Lack of exercise plus bad habits and over-nutrition lead to strokes and heart attacks, and this is a consequence of impaired circulation. Daily do light morning exercises, walk, join a fitness center or pool. Physical exercise greatly enhance blood circulation, prevent the emergence of excess weight and encourage overall health and wellbeing.
Systematically take drugs on the basis of Ginkgo biloba leaves, meadowsweet, horse chestnut. It is a natural and completely safe remedies that naturally strengthen the walls of blood vessels, prevent blood clots, stimulate blood circulation, thin the blood.
Massage is another means to normalize the blood circulation. Total Wellness massage helps to bring all the major muscles in a state of heightened tone, this in turn activates blood circulation, the blood is saturated with active substances, which beneficially affects the entire body.
If you have varicose veins, problems with the cardiovascular system, consult your doctor. Will prescribe drugs that help restore blood circulation. Drug and dose the doctor selects for each patient individually taking into account the results of the medical examination, concomitant diseases and age, so uniform recommendations are not.
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