You will need
  • - corrugated cardboard;
  • - paper (for obkleivanie);
  • - acrylic paint;
  • muffins;
Of cardboard to cut out circles. The diameter of each circle should be smaller than the previous one by 20 cm Cut 3-5 circles. Glue them with colored or plain paper.
Also circles can be painted with acrylic paint.
Divide each circle into 8 parts, drawing a line through the center of the circle. On the lines to cut with a knife hole 2-3 cm On each of the lines should be 4 holes
Cut out cardboard stand, which will be attached circles. Length pairs of stands must conform to the diameter of the circle under which the cruciform will be placed. The height should correspond approximately to the height of the cupcake.
To make the billet stand in the middle of the incision, reaching to the middle of the base and protrusions, which are inserted into the holes of the circle.
Parts of the stand to paint.
For the first stand one side to make smooth. To connect two pieces of cardboard the crossbar.
To connect the cross with the circle, inserting the tabs into the holes on the circle.
Thus, to build the whole pyramid.
Glue the ends of the circles and the crosses are a beautiful braid. The finished pyramid to place the cupcakes and sweets.
In the same sequence you can make a pyramid of square shape.