You will need
  • - A0 size paper (610*863)
  • - scissors
  • glue
  • or
  • - Board
  • - Reiki
  • - wood piles
  • - antiseptics for processing of boards
  • - tin
  • - sheet of copper 51х51 cm
Healing pyramid can be done in various ways. One of them - out of simple drawing paper. The main thing - to observe the principle of the Golden section. Of paper or drawing paper A0 will be a pyramid with a height of about 50 cm.
First, we need to draw a vertical line (points A3-A6), long 52,5 cm Relative to this main line will be built all the others. Then, from the point A6 need to draw a circle of radius equal to the length of the segment А3А6. Then on it to lay chord А3А4, А4А5, А3А2, А2А1. The length of each chord is 23.4 cm Then they should be joined with a point A6. Then you need to draw parallel lines А1А6 line. It will serve as an allowance for gluing. Now you can cut scan. Then she carefully folded at the edges, so they are more sharpened and become smoother, you can spend them with a ruler or scissors. You can glue the pyramid. Choose a glue that does not warp the paper when dry.
How to build a pyramid
If you have the time, energy and inclination, you can build the great pyramid out of wood. For this we need also to respect the principle of the Golden section.
The Foundation of the future of the pyramid, pour the gravel, cover it with tar paper and put the bars 2x2 m. They should be connected with wooden dowels, then in the middle of putting a Board on them to put the tin. Then you should make from boards the side. Them better separately to mount on the ground. In one of the triangles it is necessary to strengthen it with an additional Board. They will set the door.
Then both triangle should be put on the bottom of the pyramid. A triangle with a door placed on the East side, the other on the West. Up triangles it is necessary to tie together the triangles to strengthen with planks and piles above and below.
Then need to put boards on the floor of the pyramid, and under them - the sheet iron. The side wall sheathing

boards clockwise. The top of the pyramid should be covered with sheet copper, which must bend and attach with silicone. Then attach the door.
How to build a pyramid
Very necessary to choose the right place for the pyramid. On the street side of the pyramid (not the edges!) should be oriented to the cardinal points, entrance needs to be from the North or East. Home of the pyramid should be installed away from the sewage and water pipes, metal and water-containing objects. Proceeding to the construction of the pyramid need in a peaceful, bright state of mind. If you do not follow the principle of the Golden section, pyramid will not.
How to build a pyramid