Preparation svinushek to the salting

For pickling data mushrooms it is impossible to take old or overgrown pig growing along roads or near industrial enterprises. Before salting svinushek, they must be soaked overnight in cool water, which dissolved a small amount of salt. This salty water should from time to time to change. After soaking the pig must be thoroughly washed and boil on low heat.
Soaking svinushek it is desirable to produce in a refrigerated room so that the brine was able to fully neutralize the toxic substances contained in them.

After the water with svinushek boils, the resulting foam should be removed with a slotted spoon and boil the mushrooms for twenty minutes, occasionally stirring them. When pig cooked you need to drain, wait for draining excess water and cool. For salting mushrooms is a wooden barrel, however, if this capacity is not at hand, it is possible to use a ceramic or glass dish.

Salting svinushek

Chilled pig you need to put in layers in a clean container, the bottom of which poured a thin layer of salt. Mushrooms need to place the heads down, and pour each layer a generous amount of salt. In order that the pig turned out dense and crunchy, you can add cherry leaves and horseradish, and to make the salting wonderful flavor into a container of mushrooms, you can put the stems of the dill, allspice and garlic cloves, cut into several pieces. When the capacity is completely filled, the pig must be covered with a clean cloth or gauze, flatten them on top a small load and send to zaselyatsya in a cool dark place.
Therefore, the salted pig will be ready to drink after about thirty to forty days.

Below the mushrooms were stored for a longer time, the capacity they need to put in a well ventilated room where the temperature is not below 5oC. Otherwise, the pig can be nipped by the frost and start to crumble, which can adversely affect their structure and taste. If the room temperature will exceed 6оС, brine can turn sour, and the mushrooms, of course, to deteriorate. You also need to control the level of brine in the vessel with svinushek because it can evaporate, causing the mushrooms begin to dry. To keep them safely in a container added the right amount of cool boiled water.