How best to wash the baby's nose at home?

For washing children's noses perfect salt water. However, do not add too much salt. For example, ounce glass should put one third of a teaspoon of salt, then add to the prepared solution a few drops of iodine, so you get some semblance of sea water. This method is perfect for kids from three months to five years. Replace some ordinary salt baking soda.
Salt water does not irritate the sensitive mucous membrane of the nose, so it is absolutely safe to use.

According to the following method, you can buy a saline solution at the pharmacy. It is available without a prescription from a physician and is quite easy to use. It is almost the same salt water. Solution will help remove the infection and perfectly clear mucus from the nose. Secretion can also be removed with a saline solution, to do this, wet them with cotton wool or a q-tip and slowly place handle the crust.
Be careful, the skin of babies is very sensitive.

Very effective for runny nose and nasal congestion in children decoction of chamomile. A mixture of dried herbs from this plant is also sold in the drugstore. Chamomile should be brewed in a water bath, then diluted with boiled water in the ratio of one to one. It can be used even for the youngest, except those cases, when the child's possible allergic to this drug. Also for nasal irrigation well with a decoction of calendula and sage.

How to safely wash the baby's nose?

Very young children if they are still unable to independently hold the head, the nose should be washed very carefully. Placing the baby on his back, put him a few drops of the chosen solution with a pipette. Should be instilled into each nostril a small amount of liquid.

If the child is already itself can keep your head, you should lift him up and keep in a vertical position. The baby's mouth must be opened so that the baby choked solution. Under the feet of something better put, to not stain the floor vitaceae after nasal lavage fluid. Using a small rubber enema enter the solution into the nasal cavity of the child and keep his mouth ajar. Watch carefully, the baby was not thrown back head.

For school-age children, you can use the pulp of Kalanchoe. It's very tempting to sneeze, so the nose perfectly gets rid of mucus. A few leaves of Kalanchoe scrunch and gather the juice in a syringe, instill one or two drops in each nostril of your child.