General principles
Time of cooking meat not depend on the size of the piece, they can be both small and quite large. The most important thing is not to overdry the product, leaving it enough juice. That is why the fire should do harder and use enough oil. Fry the meat in a pan is better with onions. Remove the onion rings should be only after we see the meat of a ruddy crust.

It should be remembered that it is best to fry the meat in a pan without a lid. Prepared piece is necessary to throw into the hot fat. It is through this formed Golden crust – it will not saturate the meat as an unnecessary and superfluous fat, and will keep the meat juice. Do not drive the piece on the pan here and there, just make sure you fry the meat in the pan on one side and then flip and do the same with the other.

Frozen meat
If the meat was frozen, the frying time it will have to increase. However, in order to reduce the time of frying, you can recapture a piece of meat and then marinate it for some time. As a marinade, use the juice from the lemon and any of your favorite spices. Juice can replace citric acid solution. The pieces do not lay on the pan too close to each other. Otherwise, you will fry and float the dish. Also, don't forget to make the fire stronger. Cook the meat and sometimes check it, slightly piercing the tip of a knife. Readiness can be determined by eye-catching transparent juice. On average, the whole process will take no more than 20 minutes.

Fresh meat
Fry the meat in a frying pan can be much faster if it is not frozen. It can be fried without using oil on a hot griddle. To use the pepper and salt should be in the moment when the surface will appear blood. Then turn and again sprinkle with spices and salt. After a few minutes you can remove the dish from the stove. This method is good if you want to fry the meat with a delicious crust, a bit dry without the extra liquid.