Features tomato "Eupator"

This variety is suitable for glass greenhouses and film greenhouses, so it is often grown on large agricultural enterprises and farms. The main advantages of hybrid is a short ripening period and with high yield. Tomatoes ripen in a hundred days, yield - up to 44 kg per sq. m.

Tomato "Eupator" is a powerful, vigorous plant that requires careful pinching. This hybrid is resistant to fruit cracking, and diseases, root-knot nematode, fungal putrid formations. The fruits get rounded, of equal size, the surface is smooth, color is bright red.

Tomatoes are very dense, so a long transport stand easily. The variety is suitable for human consumption.

Features of cultivation of tomato "Eupator"

Seeds usually sown seedlings in March. The soil is enriched and choose easy. Soil before sowing, is treated with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Sow the seeds at a distance of 4 cm carry out a single fertilizer complex fertilizer. Landing on the bed of produce based on climate zones - from may to June.

Bush tied up, increasing the height from time to time. After the landing in 12 days bring ammonium nitrate, 10 days should be feeding chicken litter. Pour tomato "Eupator" must often and abundantly, sometimes loosening the soil. If you comply with the necessary conditions for tomato "Eupator", it will please his good harvest.