Features varieties of tomato "Explosion"

Variety of tomatoes refers to early maturing. Time from sowing to the appearance of tomatoes is not enough - about 100 days. If you grow tomatoes nonseedlings way, the fruit you get a little late, but this variety will bear fruit until the autumn.

Tomato varieties "Explosion" are ideal for cultivation in the open ground, and in different plastic greenhouses. Bush height of only 50 cm, it is kompensiruet accidentally. Fans of this variety have noted that the bushes should be moderate pasynkovat.

Fertilizer and soil

The stage for the "Explosion" choose a slightly acidic, light, moist. Plants are planted according to the scheme 50x40 centimeters. Feed and water young bushes should be regularly. Feeding is carried out not less than 4 times during the period when the plant is in the vegetative stage.

The fruit of this variety

Tomatoes of round shape, reach 120 g, sometimes from experienced gardeners, this weight goes up to 260 g per plant you can get 3 kg of fruit. Tomatoes get pulpy and dense, is stored for a long time, so they are easily transported long distances. Eat them in any form.