The birthday child nature and home

To celebrate the birthday of the child in nature can be fun and unusual, if the celebrant was born in the summer. Very suitable for this cottage, vacation home, tourist base. You can celebrate this joyous occasion in a narrow circle, and to invite families with children. Adults can dress as fairy tale characters and to organize competitions and various competitions among children or participate with them.
Such events bring families together and leave pleasant memories.

A birthday celebration at home has many positive aspects. First, pre trouble will create an atmosphere of fun. Children and their parents can cook and decorate a festive table. If there is time, you can order a meal in a café with home delivery.

Now there is a widespread service – call entertainers. If in advance not to tell the child about it, most likely it will be a real surprise. For example, children are still sitting at the table, and suddenly somewhere there is a theatrical show, people in costumes of fairy tale characters, puppets. The delight is not the limit!
Kids will surely remember this birthday for a long time.

Whichever option for celebrating children's birthdays were not selected, as long as it was memorable, fun, and like the hero of the occasion.

The celebration of the birth of your child in the cafe and the bowling alley

Birthday in the cafe lately is one of the most common and has a number of advantages. The first advantage is that for a holiday you don't have to cook and clean the dishes. If the room space allows, you can play outdoor games. In addition, parents can relax and have fun with the children.

However, this is not too cheap. The order of dishes is usually made in advance, determines the duration of the holiday. Again, professionals – animators who will amuse children and will give parents the opportunity to relax.

One of the unusual variants can be called the day of the birth of the child in the bowling alley. Usually, there is a cafe where you can eat delicious meals. Bowling is both fun and at the same time, sport, suitable for children from 10 years. You can form teams of adults and children, organize competitions. Children will be interesting and fun, and, most importantly, a holiday to remember!