Fructose is one of natural sugars, which when calorie intake is equal to sugar, several times it sweeter. In its natural form this compound is found in many sweet fruits, berries and even vegetables, and is about half the content of the honey. Fructose absorbed by the body without insulin, so three times slower increases in blood sugar levels.

Use of fructose

The use of fructose is obvious for people suffering from diabetes. This disease makes impossible the absorption of glucose contained in most sweet foods as decreased production of insulin. And for the assimilation of fructose, insulin is not required, so diabetics can allow yourself some sweets, confectionery, and fruit and berries.

Although a large number of products with fructose in the composition also leads to a rise in blood sugar, so diabetics need to monitor their consumption.

Fruit sugar has a high nutritive value, faster fills the body with energy, than traditional sugar. And honey contains a substance products provide nutrients to the brain and other internal organs much better than chocolate or regular chocolate.

Fructose has tonic properties, it allows the body to recover quickly after a strong stress or diseases. Therefore, athletes after a grueling workout is useful to add in your diet products with this sugar substitute.

Fructose is useful in that it speeds up the breakdown of alcohol in human blood. This substance has the ability to absorb moisture, as a result, the shelf life of products increases. Unlike sugar, it enhances the taste and aroma of food, not only makes it sweet.

On the other hand, yeast dough fructose rises much slower, and baking is less lush.

The dangers of fructose

Fructose is quickly absorbed by the body, is almost completely absorbed by the liver cells. There is a substance transformered into free fatty acids, in a word, transformed into a fat, which when excessive consumption of sweets begins to accumulate. As a result, those people who abuse this sugar substitute, there is obesity. Fructose is a dietary Supplement and not a food product, it must be treated as spices and add in small quantities, otherwise it will become harmful. Accustomed to sugar many people forget that this substance is much sweeter and continued to lay two spoons of sweetener to tea or a large amount in baking, as a result, the level of sugar in the blood increases, and the amount of subcutaneous fat increases.