You will need
  • Qualifying tournament Euro 2016, the knowledge of rivals, Sweden, Austria, Montenegro
In 2016, there will be a global change in the tournament format of the European Championship. Now in the final stage will play 24 teams, 8 teams more than it was before this year.
Thus, change and order selection. Now for the championship directly qualified the first 2 teams from each group. Best of all third teams also will get to EURO 2016 without the playoffs and the remaining 8 teams will compete among themselves the right to represent their country at the biggest European competition in football.
In Group G, where comfortably settled Russian team as "uterus" when the draw for the main rival will be team Sweden.
The Scandinavians regularly play in the European Championships, starting in 2000, and their groups are constantly top-ranked, ahead of stronger teams. The main advantages of the Swedes - discipline and athleticism. Besides, "tre kronas" part there is always at least one striker with a worldwide reputation. Previously, it was Henrik Larsson, now his place was taken by Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
Of course, the years take their toll and Zlatan is not as good as a few years ago, but Euro 2016 will be his last chance to win something with the national team, so the mood of the Swedish giant will be prohibitive.
The best striker of Sweden
Rated next opponent was the team of Austria. The only team from the foot of the Alps at the European Championships has been the home of Euro 2008, where to win Lavrov did not happen.
To call Austria dangerous opponent hard, Austrian football is in its infancy, and first star of the new generation was David Alaba. The left-back plays somewhere, and Bayern Munich, and the assurance of the players of the Moscow "CSKA" leaves a lasting impression on everyone!
David Alaba - the main star of Austria
If to speak about serious opponents, the fourth team of the national team of Montenegro is a much more cohesive team than Austria. Let the Montenegrins is no serious gains, but qualifying tournament for the 2014 world Cup has shown - with this command it is necessary to keep the maximum speed and attitude until the very last second.
A national team of Montenegro appeared and the mega-star in the person of Stefan Jovetic (Manchester city) and Mirko vučinić (Juventus). Let they are still not on the first roles in their clubs, but in national team play the roles of most of these plant partners.
Stefan Jovetic is ready to reach Euro 2016
The two remaining teams stand out. Neither Moldova, nor even Liechtenstein can not a priori present any danger for the Russian team. However, in each drawing, found a couple of results when football dwarfs take away points for the recognized leaders, do not want to sensation appeared with the sign "minus" is for the Russians. To play with the utmost dedication will have in every match, especially away.