In addition to the national team of Russia on football right to challenge their place in the final tournament of the European championship 2016 will be five national teams. One of the most formidable rivals of the Russians will be the national team of Sweden, led by Zlatan Ibrahimovic immortal. But the Swedes rivals of the Russian team in the group stage of Euro 2016 will be national teams from Austria, Montenegro, Moldova and Liechtenstein. These national teams made up the six teams of group G of the qualifying tournament of Euro 2016.

The national team of Russia is, along with the Swedes, one of the main favorites of the group G. Therefore, the Russian fans have every right to hope for a favorable outcome of the qualifying stage for the Russians.

Already the 8th of September, the national football team of Russia will have the first meeting in the qualifying stage. Opponents of wards Fabio Capello will be the team from Liechtenstein. This game will be at home.

It should be noted that the right to play in final tournament of the UEFA European football championship teams will receive the top two places in their graph, the team with the best record from the third position. In addition, four UEFA Euro 2016 compete with the teams third lines of their qualifying group, winning the play-offs.