Different varieties of Basil smell in different ways: some have mint, cinnamon flavor, some give the Bay leaf and cloves. Yerevan Basil smells like tea and pepper.

Basil aroma well and permanently stored in the dried plant, especially if properly stored dry Basil leaves in an airtight container without access of air and water.

Wonderful aromatic properties make Basil common in Europe seasoning. Italian cuisine would be unthinkable without Basil. In Russia, this spice is not as rampant. Because not everyone knows how it can be used in cooking.

In cooking, Basil can be used fresh, and dried. And you can use all ground parts of the plant - leaves, stems, seeds. The most important value Basil is fresh - the content of vitamins and minerals as possible. It is added to fresh vitamin salad. Sprinkle fresh finely chopped Basil soups, pasta, fried fish, egg dishes, pizza.

The main rule when eating this weed - not to overdo, and that can ruin the dish. And to add Basil to the dish to the very end, when it lifted the cooked food with fire.

Fresh Basil can be added to ready-made sauces - mayonnaise, ketchup and others. Thus the improved sauces to diversify the daily menu.

Basil seeds also find their use in cooking - you can add them to soup, to main dishes, to salads.

It is good idea to use Basil for flavoring vinegar. To do this, the Basil leaves are simply placed in a bottle with vinegar. Salad of raw vegetables dressed with this "Basil" vinegar acquires an unusual flavor.

Some Housewives prefer dried salted Basilica. Pickle Basil is very simple. Chopped Basil to put in jars, sprinkling with salt. For every 100 grams of Basil you will need 20 grams of salt. Store saline thus Basil is recommended in the refrigerator.

And finally, the recipe is very simple salad with fresh Basil. Slice fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, bell pepper and Basil. Add diced cheese, mozzarella and olives. Salt and black pepper to taste. Sprinkle with lemon juice and season with sunflower oil.