People thinking about the diversity of sexual life, sooner or later come to the idea to try to do it in the water. Not always this desire is at the stage of selection and analysis of information available from friends, the Internet or professional sexologists. As a result, people are frustrated because there are nuances here.

The issue of security

Immediately it should be noted that the issue of security when having sex in water is especially. You simply will not be able to properly use a condom. At the elevated temperature of water, under the influence of chlorine or just washing the silicone lubricant latex product or not can reliably be kept on the member of a partner, or will cause discomfort to the partner. In addition, a number of chemical elements contained in water, can simply destroy the material of a condom.
Some substances in normal water destroy latex, other dilute lubricant, others simply do not allow the condom to stay.


Those who have not tried sex in the water think that H2O will decide all questions of lubrication. But it is not. Natural selection of the human body is not simply liquid, and specific physiological substance, which is only partly water. In the end, it turns out that grease is washed off, and it gives unpleasant feeling during intercourse. This difficulty is solved by the selection of the stable in an aqueous medium gels and lubricants. But that's not all.

Place matters

Water water is the strife. If you look at some common place, it turns out that:
In some places, having sex in the water can threaten the infections, and others simply unpleasant sensations.

- Pool or sauna – not good for sex due to the concentration in water of chlorine. It can cause damage to delicate parts of the genitalia or you just catch the infection.

- Shower or bathroom – the main thing here is size. In straitened circumstances the best way to "standing", if it happens in the shower. Or sitting – if in the bathroom. In the case of a shower stall need to provide special outdoor non-slip coating. This will reduce the risk of possible injury.

- The sea, in which the main problem is salt. She too has a positive effect on the feelings of the partners. Alternatively, you can engage in oral sex. It is more acceptable.


To have sex in the water, if you didn't stop the warnings, in principle, possible, though sometimes harmful. The chance of infection, injury, discomfort always remains. However, there is a sense of risk, of permissiveness, and this animates family life.