Jelly – a delicacy from France

Today you can find lots of different recipes describing the process of cooking this dessert.
The word "jelly" came up with the famous masters of French cuisine. That's what they called frozen mass from sugar, fruit juice and gelatin.

A standard set of ingredients includes a variety of berries (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and others), fruit juice and gelatin powder, which recently began to replace pectin or agar-agar.
Pectin is absolutely harmless to health vegetable substance having adhesive properties.

Pectin can be used for cooking any jelly, but in the process it is important to correctly calculate the proportions, otherwise the jelly will turn opaque.
Agar-agar is a product obtained by processing vegetable slime algae red and brown. As gelatin, pectin has binding qualities.

Agar-agar (or just agar) is prepared according to the same principle as gelatin. It should be soaked in cold water for 40 minutes, and then boiled with the necessary to prepare the jelly, the amount of juice.

The secrets of delicious jelly

The real housewife has its own secrets of cooking a delicious jelly. Someone adds something to the recipe a few drops of wine or liquor, someone puts instead of fresh berries and fruit, canned or dilute the resulting mass with syrup. But there are some rules that should be followed to cook a truly tasty treat that will serve as a Desk decoration if it is applied, for example, on the day of birth of the child.

1. A few drops of lemon juice to improve the taste of jelly.
2. Cannot be used for making jelly aluminum cookware – it can spoil the taste of the dessert.
3. Before kneading to warm up the bottom of the dish – so you can avoid the appearance of lumps.

Layer by layer: raspberry delight

To pamper loved ones a sweet jelly with raspberries (or any berry), you need to take:
- 500 ml of water;
- 150 g of sugar;
- 30 g gelatin powder;
- 250 g fresh or frozen berries.

Put water to boil in a saucepan, and then pour the sugar and berries. In a separate bowl, mix the gelatin with water. After swelling to combine this texture with fruit syrup. The resulting mass should be spread out on kremanka and put in the cold for three hours.

In the process of making jelly, it is important to show patience. When gelatin or any other binding ingredient, ready, fruits and berries sliced, you can safely proceed to the magic. Slowly, layer by layer, it is necessary to put all components, waiting for full hardening. Also jelly, you can add milk, cream, chocolate, cheese, and even champagne. The main thing – that dessert turned transparent and you could see the berries frozen inside it.