When used, the blowing of the fallopian tubes

Blowing off the fallopian tubes is done by two methods. Determination of tubal patency using them blowing air called pertusaria. Determination of tubal patency introduction to the lumen of the liquids or solutions of drugs called hydrotubation. Both methods are used in the diagnosis of causes of infertility.

Blowing off the fallopian tubes is performed using special devices. The most simple and convenient is the apparatus Mandelstam. Hydrotubation performed using hydroculator using novocaine or a mixture of drugs (antibiotics, novocaine, hydrocortisone). If hydrotubation is performed with the introduction in the fallopian tube of drugs that this procedure is diagnostic and treatment.
Except for devices for blowing off the stethoscope and use special sterile instruments: vaginal mirror, lift, tongs, tweezers.

How is blowing off the fallopian tubes

Blowing off the fallopian tubes as follows. First is the disinfection of the external genitalia and vagina, then the cervix draw out with the help of mirrors, grab with forceps anterior and posterior lips of the cervix. Uterine probe set the direction of the cervical canal, then into the cervical canal and into the uterine cavity enter the tip size. Then connected to the tip of the rubber tube attached to the vessel, and the tip pressed against her cervix.

The assistant will have to pump a balloon the air in the system, controlling the pressure of the pressure gauge. If the fallopian tubes are passable, the air must be injected to 100 mm Hg. article In the case of obstruction of the fallopian tubes after a short pause the system pressure increased to 150 mm Hg. article, and after that to a maximum of 180 mm Hg. article Simultaneously with the injection of air (fluid) listening on the lower abdomen in the area of the inguinal ligaments. When passing through the fallopian tubes and air or liquid is tapped distinctive sound.
During the procedure, recording the pressure changes in the system.

Blowing (flushing) of the fallopian tubes is contraindicated in pregnancy or suspected it, for tumors of the uterus and appendages, acute and subacute inflammatory processes in pathological bleeding. Prior to blowing or flushing of the fallopian tubes need to conduct a thorough investigation of the vagina and cervix, including the study of microorganisms. It is recommended to carry out this procedure in the first week after the menses.