Why do the cleaning?

Cleaning is carried out mainly in order to get the material, that is, scraping of the uterine mucosa for histological examination. Taken material allows you to establish an accurate diagnosis. The second purpose of cleaning – the removal of pathological formations in the cervical canal or uterine cavity.

Scraping is assigned in the following cases:
- if a woman has long and very heavy menstruation with the presence of clots, intermenstrual bleeding, long time no conception occurs, and other conditions when the data of ultrasound studies do not allow to establish the cause;
- changes of the uterine mucosa, indicating pathological processes;
- changes on the cervix;
often cleaning is carried out before routine gynecologic surgery.

Prepare to clean

If cleaning is not carried out according to the emergency indication, and in a planned manner, then the operation is performed before the onset of menses. This is to ensure that the process of scraping coincided with the physiological period of rejection of the endometrium. If you've been assigned a hysteroscopy with removal of polyps, then the operation is carried out after a month.

Before cleaning woman should get blood tests for HIV, hepatitis b and C, syphilis, go through ECG, to make koagulogrammou to pass a swab from the vagina. On the day of surgery, you need to come on an empty stomach, pubic hair should be shaved. You must bring socks, a long t-shirt, a Bathrobe, Slippers and sanitary towels.

Procedure curettage

The woman invited into the operating room where it is located on the table in a gynecological chair. The anesthesiologist conducts a conversation about allergic reaction to medications and illness. The surgery is performed under General anesthesia, which lasts 15-25 minutes. After the introduction of the drug into the vein, the patient falls asleep.

Doctor using a special probe penetrates into the cavity of the uterus and measures the length of the cavity. Then expands the cervix. Alternately dilators inserted into the cervix, which leads to a gradual opening of the canal to a size passing a curette. Then clean the mucosa of the cervix with a special tool. A curette is like a spoon with a long handle, one edge sharpened. Sharp side is scraping. The scraping of the channel is placed in a separate jar.

After the process from the cervix remove the speculum. The vagina and cervix treated with antiseptic, put on your stomach the ice. Under the influence of cold blood vessels cease to bleed, the uterus is reduced. The patient is transported to the ward where she slowly wakes up. After a few hours the woman can go home.