To start with the largest city in California easiest test drive. A tourist visa or a student Work&Travel program - up to you. In the first case, it will be easier to gather documents, in a second you are better acquainted with urban life and will be able to earn good money.
During the test drive you can save on housing. USA is a country of hostels and cheap motels. Can be expensive to rent an apartment for the service
Moving to Los Angeles is a difficult task. Immigrants here are not welcomed with open arms. There are several options.
For work visa you need to be valuable by a qualified staff member and have an invitation from the company. The chances of finding a job in America high scientists, programmers, engineers.
To marry/to get married is the most simple and, at the same time, a difficult decision. Wives and husbands of American citizens themselves quickly get citizenship, but also the residents of the state do not aspire to marriage; the Institute of marriages is under the strict control of the authorities.
Doing business in America will allow you to settle in Los Angeles. However, you will need to create at least 10 jobs and have a large initial capital.
The study is one of the most common ways to gain a foothold in the Californian city. But the colleges of Los Angeles are quite expensive even for locals, but American education is not a guarantee for admission to employment and citizenship.
Housing prices vary depending on the prestige of the area (Beverly hills, Myton) and material. Quite inexpensive sells light "travel-sized" houses, which, however, fit into the hot oceanic climate of Los Angeles.
Summarizing, we can conclude that the move to Los Angeles for permanent residence is difficult, but possible. You have to go through many tests, perfectly learn the language, love beach sports and walks along the Avenue of Stars to become "his". And yet, you will be able to communicate not only with Americans but also with numerous Russian Diaspora in their native language.