How much is the rent in America

It is useful to determine a budget, because otherwise you will not be able to be sure that you really rented the best option and not overpaid. In order to estimate the approximate value of the property the type you need very well suited to the Craigslist site (

Rent from private owners

Those who only moved to America, can expect to rent an apartment only from a private landlord. He called the landlord. Before take you to the apartment, the landlord will check, does not listed for you some of crimes. He also has the right to request your credit history and the history of the tenancy, but, most likely, will not do, since this claim paid. You will be required to show the landlord a certificate from the Bank, and your account needs to be a large sum of money, enough to pay the rent for several months.

By law, a rental unit in America must meet certain requirements, and if it detected faults no fault of the tenant, for example, the roof leaked, the elimination of the problem deals with the owner, not the tenant. The contract even stipulated the period within which the landlord undertakes to resolve.

When you move in you pay a Deposit, which is refunded when you move out, if the apartment is all right. If you broke something or damaged, the Deposit will be deducted the amount needed for repairs.

The apartment complex

This option is suitable for those who already have stable serious work or comes at the invitation of the company. You have to understand that not only what the apartment complex will want to take a tenant who does not have credit and rental history, but you can try. Need to confirm that you have steady income: we are working on invitation, which can be used for rent, must indicate the position, salary and company.

Apartment in the complex can be more expensive than private, but there are a variety of amenities that make this option is more profitable. For example, it has its own Laundry, swimming pool, gym, sauna, and more.

The conclusion of the contract

The contract binds you to certain obligations, usually for a period of not less than six months, or year. Private owners can often negotiate more lenient terms, but with an apartment complex to do so will not succeed. If you move out before the due date, you will have to pay for 2 months rent. As a rule, the harder will be the terms of the contract, the lower will be the cost of the apartment. When you re-contract, the price of housing may rise.

A decline in prices in the housing market in America is observed in winter and early spring. Peak season when apartment hunting is very valuable this summer. At this time parents are looking for a new home, to enable children in the fall to go to a better school.