Sometimes you want to indulge in something sweet, but store-bought cakes are too nutritious, and homemade cakes takes a lot of time for cooking. But there is one wonderful recipe Manne cake that is prepared quickly and tastes great.

Semolina is not only useful, but tasty food. Basically, semolina is cooked, it is well digested and absorbed, filling the body with strength and energy, as consists of valuable plant protein.

But even with the help of this cereal can be cooked tender cake that will surely delight you and your family, and they will ask you to share the secret of its preparation. This Manne the dessert will have different tastes, if from time to time you will come up with for its new impregnation cream.


- kefir-1 glass;
- flour, 1 Cup;
- semolina, 1 Cup;
- sugar, 1 Cup;
- butter (or margarine), 100 grams;
- chicken egg 1 PC.;
- soda – at the tip of the knife;
- sour cream, 250 ml.;
- cranberry, 1 tbsp;
- sugar sand, 1 St. spoon;
-sunflower oil for greasing


First, make a simple manna for cakes. Take semolina and fill it with fresh yogurt, stir and set aside to swell for about 20 minutes.
The more to swell the grains, the milder it gets manna.

Mix all dry ingredients: sugar, flour, soda and salt. It is advisable to take more dishes to easily add other products.

Melt the butter and add the egg. Whisk and pour the mass in the swollen semolina. Then whisk well again, then gently and gradually add the flour, stirring until smooth to avoid lumps.

Grease the molds with oil and evenly pour batter.
Baking time will depend on your oven, just be careful that manna is not burnt.
Once the cake is ready, allow it to fully state.

Meanwhile, prepare the cream. To do this, simply add the cranberries to the sour cream and beat with blender. To your taste you can cook any other cream: berries, fruit, cream or jam. You can even combine several options of cream, then the cake will turn out more refined and unusual.

Manna cut into three equal layers and brush them liberally with cream. Garnish this dessert pie with grated chocolate and nuts. Manne serve the cake to the table on a big beautiful dish.