Online store where you order the item, will be offered during the checkout process to write the address of the receiver (Empfaenger or Empfaengeradresse). Here the question may arise: what language to fill out the form? It is obvious that the site is German, and the language must be German. But it turns out that it's much easier, and the knowledge of this language, you may not need.
Use the transliteration (writing in Latin) when writing your address. If you do not speak perfect Latin letters, you can use the site using The name of the country it is better to write briefly in English (Russian, not Visual Federation).
This is done so that when the clerk receives your request, it was not incomprehensible characters due to incorrect encoding of the transformation from Cyrillic to Latin.
In fact, the most important is the correct name of the country, because the German post is responsible for your parcel only to the Russian border. Upon successful completion of customs to dispose of her by employees of mail of Russia.
If you need to sign the envelope, then the recipient field for reliability, duplicate country name in German. If the envelope is, for example, in Germany, you should have: Germany/Deutschland. Country written last.
First, specify the name and surname of the recipient on the German big. Carefully, first name, then surname, taken from the German mail. Moreover, in Germany virtually all high-rise buildings the apartment has no rooms, and mail delivered to the recipient's name.
Write the name of the street. It typically involves the word strasse (which translates as street). For Example, The Hauptstrasse. Therefore, to write once more "street" before the name is not necessary.
Enter the house and apartment number (if any).
Carefully insert the index. From its "correctness" depends on how successful will be delivered by mail. After the index, specify the name of the city.