First decide what type of font would be most suitable to solve your problem. Fonts are traditionally divided into five categories (families). Most often used in typography serif typefaces (serif) and sans serif (sans-serif).
Serif typefaces are best suited for prints. Ticks not only transmit the Gothic style, but have a practical function, allowing the eyes of the reader "cling" to the letter. Examples: Times New Roman, Garamond.
Sans serif fonts are commonly used for printing solutions websites, presentations, games on the Internet. Eyes get tired when working at the computer, and sans-serif it helps to relieve stress and fatigue, allows you to read more pages or reinforce the impression from watching the film with subtitles. Typical representatives of this family: Verdana, Arial.
If possible difficulties you do not stop, you can make a beautiful font on their own. Free web application Fontstruct ( and FontForge has an intuitive interface and the ability to create their own fonts and store them in an open format TrueType.
There is a possibility to make a beautiful font in a vector graphics editor Corel Draw. This popular design (illustration) the environment of the software allows you to make unique typography in three steps. At first preparing a template (for your characters). It reflects the look of the symbol, with Superscript and subscript elements, width and height. The second stage is rendering, creating elements in template using line segments, arcs, and primitives Corel Draw. Finally, the font need character by character translate in the above-mentioned format TrueType.
Many opportunities to create beautiful font provides the most popular design software for working with bitmapped graphics is Adobe Photoshop. It will allow you to create separate characters for this project. To create a font open a new window, make a transparent layer. It is recommended to add a grid - this will allow you to better match the proportions of the letters and numbers. Characters in Photoshop will weigh a few megabytes, so it's best to use this typography for print.