The dangers of pasta

Pasta in Russia and the CIS countries called any types of solid products of flour – from spirals to shells. A native of Italy, the so-called exclusively hollow tubes. And they are made, as all the real pasta, exclusively from flour of durum wheat and water. No eggs in the pasta composition and speech can not go.

Such a product can harm the body and overall health in only a few cases. First, when excessive consumption. Second, in combination with other high-calorie foods: fatty meats, baked goods, or high calorie sauces with lots of preservatives. Thirdly, improper cooking, when the pasta in boiling water kept for much longer time. In other cases, pasta from durum wheat not only bad to eat, but even useful, because the product itself does not contain many calories but rich in fiber, minerals, vitamins b and E.

Much greater harm for pasta, made from flour soft wheat varieties, as well as pasta, which, in addition to white flour, eggs. These products have high contents of simple carbohydrates that are poorly absorbed by the body. After using these pasta dramatically increases the level of glucose in the blood and the release of insulin, so the man quickly begins to feel hunger. In addition, part of simple carbohydrates is certainly deposited in the subcutaneous fat.
It is best to combine pasta with olive oil, vegetables and herbs – the risk to get fat on this dish is minimal.

In pasta from soft wheat also has a high content of refined starch, which negatively affects the work of many organs, can disrupt hormonal balance and lead to obesity. But the nutrients and vitamins in them virtually no. That's why should abandon such products at all or reduce their consumption to a minimum.
If there is no choice and have to eat these noodles, try not to digest, otherwise they will increase the level glycemia.

How to choose healthy pasta

In order not to harm the figure and health, should eat only pasta, made from flour of durum wheat. On the packs of such products will be written durum (English) or semolina di grano duro (Italian). It is also important to pay attention to the condition of the pasta – they must be smooth, without any inclusions or defects, glassy consistency.