What is the use of a pillow

The purpose of the cushion to provide head and neck support during sleep. If a person is deprived of such support, his neck muscles throughout the night will be tensioned. And this can lead to stagnation, deterioration of blood supply to brain, pain in the muscles of the neck and head. You may also experience a pinched nerve.

Picking up a pillow individually with the most appropriate dimensions and rigidity, it is possible to achieve a comfortable feeling and maximum relaxation of the neck muscles. Due to this, the human sleep will be deep and strong. But a good sleep is very important for human health.

There are special orthopedic pillows for sleeping surface which is able to accurately adapt to the individual structure of the head and neck of a person. You can find them in specialized stores.

Is there any benefit from sleeping without a pillow

Many physicians believe that if a person sleeps without a pillow, his spine taking most natural position, and this is well reflected in his health. The body's muscles completely relax, and the internal organs do not feel the additional load. That is, from a medical point of view, this dream is most useful to humans.
However, due to the tension of the neck muscles described above, sleeping without pillow can not only cause discomfort, inconvenience, and health problems.

There are also claims that anyone who sleeps without a pillow, much less wrinkles are formed. However, it is difficult to say whether this is justified, because a lot depends on what position the person took in the dream.
Some people claim that if you sleep on the pillow, a person will be faster the second chin. But this level of delusion.

Thus, the question about the usefulness or harmfulness of sleep without a pillow it is impossible to give an exact answer. Because each person is different. It should be guided, according to their own desires and feelings. If the lack of cushion does not cause any unpleasant consequences in the morning, it is possible to do this without sleeping facilities, and your body is not be harmful.

But if it is "dream a dream", why torture yourself? It is only necessary to choose the most convenient model preferably with synthetic filling. In the sale you can find bedding custom sizes, for example, in the form of an arc. And of course, don't use a pillow, if there are any problems with the spine and there is a specific recommendation of a physician.