Sleeping on the back isn't necessarily harmful in all States. Many people practice this method a night's rest without any harm to health. However, for such a dream there are medical contraindications. People who are predisposed to apnea, that is a sudden stop breathing, you risk more if sleeping on the back. This bias may in some situations bring out the doctor. Also often it is indicated by snoring, which is also enhanced during sleep on the back.People affected by this issue makes it difficult not only to others but to himself. When snoring can disrupt the oxygen supply to the brain, resulting in after waking up people may be much less rested than during quiet sleep. Therefore, people who are prone to snoring, you should choose poses that are not conducive to such phenomena, on the side or stomach.A number of researchers believe that sleeping on the back may be contraindicated in infants, especially if the child often spits up. In this case, the position of the baby in the back will create the risk that he suffocates. More physiological and healthy can be called the child sleep on the side.The discussion also raises the issue of whether we on the back sleeping pregnant women. Indeed, during this period, the body weight of women is redistributed, and the usual position for sleeping may become uncomfortable. In the later stages when you sleep on the back , an enlarged uterus with a child creates an additional load on the spine, which can cause fatigue and pain in the back. Also, especially in multiple pregnancies or large weight of the fetus, there is pressure on the Vena cava, which can be dangerous. Therefore, in the case of pregnancy a woman should focus primarily on their own feelings and to choose the most convenient position. Gynecologists do not give a clear recommendation not to sleep on the back to women expecting a baby.