Advice 1: Why not to sleep on your back

Sleep is a way for the body to rest and recover. But not all sleep is equally useful. For example, a number of experts caution against sleeping on the back. In some cases it could be harmful?
Why not to sleep on your back
Sleeping on the back isn't necessarily harmful in all States. Many people practice this method a night's rest without any harm to health. However, for such a dream there are medical contraindications. People who are predisposed to apnea, that is a sudden stop breathing, you risk more if sleeping on the back. This bias may in some situations bring out the doctor. Also often it is indicated by snoring, which is also enhanced during sleep on the back.People affected by this issue makes it difficult not only to others but to himself. When snoring can disrupt the oxygen supply to the brain, resulting in after waking up people may be much less rested than during quiet sleep. Therefore, people who are prone to snoring, you should choose poses that are not conducive to such phenomena, on the side or stomach.A number of researchers believe that sleeping on the back may be contraindicated in infants, especially if the child often spits up. In this case, the position of the baby in the back will create the risk that he suffocates. More physiological and healthy can be called the child sleep on the side.The discussion also raises the issue of whether we on the back sleeping pregnant women. Indeed, during this period, the body weight of women is redistributed, and the usual position for sleeping may become uncomfortable. In the later stages when you sleep on the back , an enlarged uterus with a child creates an additional load on the spine, which can cause fatigue and pain in the back. Also, especially in multiple pregnancies or large weight of the fetus, there is pressure on the Vena cava, which can be dangerous. Therefore, in the case of pregnancy a woman should focus primarily on their own feelings and to choose the most convenient position. Gynecologists do not give a clear recommendation not to sleep on the back to women expecting a baby.

Advice 2 : Why can't pregnant women go to the cemetery

Pregnancy is the start of a new life. And the cemetery – the end of life's journey. These concepts are so opposite that there is a widespread belief, pregnant women are not allowed to go to the cemetery. Indeed, it is possible and whether a woman who wears a new life, to visit a place where other people are, in fact, left their? To answer the question "Why?" you need to understand the causes of opinions and different interpretations.
Why can't pregnant women go to the cemetery

The Church says that to visit the cemetery and the burial is possible and necessary to all people, even pregnant women. It is believed that people who do not forget their loved ones, receive blessings from God. But, of course, it should be done only if you have the desire. Pregnant women are not recommended to go to the cemetery, if health is not good. Especially if it's early pregnancy. But specific prohibitions on this account the Church is not.

Perhaps the view that the cemetery to visit pregnant women are prohibited is a simple superstition. However, we should not forget that during the funeral of a woman experiencing a lot of negative emotions and tension which can affect not only her health but also the health of the baby. Any stress during pregnancy – the cause of possible future ailments and diseases. This is one of the explanations why pregnant women should not visit the cemetery. Of course, if women have a need to go to the funeral of a loved one, and she is willing to restrain their emotions, it is not prohibited.

The second reason why pregnant women are advised not to visit the cemetery and the funeral, is a well-established superstition that is associated with the existence of the human aura. She disappears immediately after his death, and only after some time. It is believed that before his disappearance, these auras are at cemeteries in the form of essential entities that are able to affect living objects, which is not always positive. The most susceptible to this influence are children, much less born. Therefore, pregnant women, and especially those who believe in magic and supernatural life, must beware of the visits to the place of burial or funeral visits. You need to consider the fact that during pregnancy, women have greatly increased suspiciousness, with the result that they can adjust themselves to the negative mood.

Advice 3 : Why is it that you cannot get a haircut for pregnant

There are a few signs and superstitions associated with pregnancy, and one of them is a ban on haircuts. Explanations for this may be few, but none of them can be called supernatural. By and large the baby is not in danger.
Why is it that you cannot get a haircut for pregnant

One of the reasons that it is impossible to cut hair women, awaiting the birth of a child, is the claim that in this case, disappear the force required for a favorable birth. The hair hid the focus of the life force, and losing some of the hair, the woman is weaker. Sometimes it is suggested that it is possible to shorten the life of the child – he is born lifeless. All these fears are without medical Foundation and, therefore, they can be considered highly questionable.

But in ancient times it is believed girls grew their hair, braiding them into a thick braid. After marriage the scythe is divided into two parts, which meant – of his life force a woman sends her children. Therefore, in Russia the hair is not clipped, because it meant changing their destiny, often not for the better. Married women wrapped their hair around the head and hid them from curious eyes under the headdresses and scarves. During sleep long and thick braid could hide a small child, protecting him from the cold. It was believed that women's health depends on the length and condition of hair. In our days healthy, long and shiny hair indicate that the woman is all right with health.

The opinion of the barbers on this score is understandable – to change her hairstyle during pregnancy has no meaning. Hair will not fit into a new hairstyle, but if you decide to tint them again, the color can come in unexpected. All this is due to the hormonal changes, which disrupts the structure of the hair – they can not only adequately respond to the staining, but and start to curl if I was straight, and Vice versa. In the period of gestation only makes sense to cut the ends of your hair, evening them.

Another explanation for the fact that women should have long hair, it is the opinion of the midwives. Immediately after birth, changes occur in the subcutaneous layer related to the production of melanin – the face may remain yellow-brown spots. To avoid this, some midwives still force pregnant women to RUB the face with her hair, and when they can't do this, then perform all movements independently.

Advice 4 : Can baby sleep on side

Parents sometimes tormented by the question of whether, in what position should the baby sleep. On the one hand, it's simple – a child can sleep as it is more convenient. On the other hand, many of you have probably heard that sleeping on your side threat.
Can baby sleep on side
Snoring peacefully sleeping baby is a very touching sight. However, many parents very hard to put their children to sleep, and they have to go to different tricks.

In what position should sleep a very young child?

If you do not know how and in what position is better to put down your baby, remember that it all depends on the age of the child. So, infants and children up to six months, on the contrary, it is recommended to lay on his side. In the supine position, the baby may spit up and choke after that. Such a situation is not rare. In the prone position on a stomachthe child is not always comfortable, besides there is a danger that the baby head hit the pillow and also suffocate. It remains only to put the baby on its side and flip it regularly so it did not numb the side of the body on which he lies.
Turn the sleeping baby on the left side and right side.

In addition, you should know that a small child not to put his head on the pillow, as this can cause curvature of the spine.

In what position to sleep to older children?

As for older children, discussion of possible poses for high-quality sleep is for a long time. Each physician has their own idea about how and in what position should the baby sleep. Sleep on your left side creates a serious strain on the heart and impairs blood circulation. At the same time, scientists did some research and found out that sleeping on your left side extends life.
Examples are the Tibetan monks who sleep on their left side and maintain good health almost up to 120 years.

This position during sleep is not recommended for children with a predisposition to cardiovascular disease. The fact that all of the load when falling asleep on your left side is immediately transferred to the right lung, and this may affect negatively on the work of the right hemisphere of the brain and on circulation. In addition, when a person lies for a long time on the left side, he aktiviziruyutsya the liver and increases metabolism, because through the right part of the body is the energy that increases the workload on the heart. So pediatricians are very strongly expressed about children sleep in this position. Sleep on the right side, on the contrary, it is recommended, especially with straight legs. This position allows you to overcome feelings of sadness and anxiety. In this situation it is recommended to pack delicate and nervous children. When falling asleep in the position on the right side regulates the blood circulation and decreases stress on the heart.

The child sleep on his right side with slightly bent legs has a beneficial effect on activities of all organs of digestion.

Advice 5 : Why back pain after sleeping

After a hard day's people are in a hurry to meet his beloved bed, to dive into the realm of Morpheus. At night, the human body receives the necessary physical and psychological recovery, being charged for the new day. However, sometimes after sleep the pain can be felt in the back that brings noticeable discomfort.
Why back pain after sleeping

Back pain after sleeping: causes

The reason for such pain can be very diverse, the first of them is a wrong and uncomfortable posture during sleep. But the fact that the prone position does not allow the human muscle to relax and take a rest.

Pain possible and in a favourite pose to sleep at night on your back. To the nervous and muscular system is fully rested, it takes a bit to lift the legs and bend them at the knees, then you need to put them under the pillow. This position will allow your lower back to relax. The result vivacity in the morning and no pain in the back.

If the posture of sleep correct, you should pay attention to your bed. Perhaps the mattress and pillow should be replaced. Eliminate back pain in the morning helps the mattress and pillow in a roller/bone.
In order for the first time to get rid of back pain, take pain and allow the muscles to relax, for example, lie in a hot bath with healing essential oils.

Both reasons are eliminated, but the lower back after sleep continues to experience pain? Maybe it's time to contact the experts: neurologist or traumatologist. Such sensations can be a symptom of degenerative disc disease that will require to reduce stress on the back and go through the treatment.

In addition, the problem with back pain may be associated with diseases of internal organs. Problems of the genitourinary, nervous, circulatory systems can cause the discomfort of this kind. Not to start a possible disease in the near future get tested in the clinic to determine the cause of the pain.

Prevention of back pain after sleeping

To back pain after sleeping has ceased to bother you, you should follow some rules:
- do a morning warm-up exercises, as it helps to bring the muscles in tone;
- more move day, especially if you're an office worker who spends all day in the computer chair;
- visit the pool;
- sleep on an orthopedic mattress which will allow your body to recuperate;
- avoid drafts, because the cooling of the nerves may lead to muscle spasms.
Swimming stimulates the muscles and prevents lumbar pain.

Adhering to a few simple rules of prevention, you can forget about back pain after sleeping will start to Wake up in a good mood and cheerful start to the day.

Advice 6 : Why numb the back

In medicine a condition in which numbs the back, has the term "hypoesthesia". Translated from Latin it means loss of sensation. This condition in 90% of cases is a symptom of a disease associated with severe complications.
Why numb the back
Disorders of the nervous sensitivity of the spine can occur in the following diseases:

1. Hypothermia lumbar.
2. Violation of the impulse along the spinal nerves (infectious diseases, polyneuropathy).
3. Congenital anomaly of blood vessels. This pathology can lead to the disruption of the receipt of useful nutrients to pozvonocna segment.
4. Spondylosis. The accretion due to the formation of bone ties several vertebrae reduces the gap between vertebrate joints that go through the nerves.
5. Low back pain. Simultaneous reduction of height of the intervertebral cartilage in the various sections of the spinal cord. In this condition the numbness formed because of irritation of the many nerves.
6. Intervertebral hernia. In this disease hypoesthesia often associated with regular irritation of the nerve fibers, which compressed the intervertebral disc.

Individual peculiarities

On the probability of loss of sensitivity when exposed to precipitating factors is influenced by the individual characteristics of the person. The constitutional indicators of muscle, fat and nervous tissue each person has their own. It is worth noting that females aged 15 to 45 years due to weak frame formed the "permafrost". For men this condition is characteristic only after 50 years, at a time when there is hormonal imbalance in the body.

In older age, more markedly slows the rate of physiological reactions. That is why this period often freeze back. In addition to these constitutional features can be attached and the following age factors:

- decrease immune system;
- weak expression of the subcutaneous fat;
- decrease muscular frame back;
- slowing the process of heat exchange;
- a blood disorder.

Feeling cold in the back in young girls is not uncommon. The reason for this to date is the subject of several studies. However, it is clear that in this state, formed by the spasm of small vessels in the lower back and extremities.

At the initial stage of the disease, the skin becomes more pale. Formed throbbing pain and tingling. Over time, formed a regular sensation of cold in the lumbar region and intermittent numbness.
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