What is the danger of using the pillow for a child under two years? Just a tiny little one can't roll over in my sleep independently and if he is lying on the pillow face down, you might choke. For this reason, it is not recommended to put a pillow under the child's head, much less to impose them on all sides. Near a sleeping baby have to be free space and if he wants to turn, nothing should disturb him.
If the child at an early age to give a pillow, there is a risk of spinal curvature. As you know, during the first two years of life the baby is the formation curves of the spine, and early use of pillows can affect their correct formation. Adults should also not forget about some of the characteristics of a child. The baby's head against the body more than an adult, so without a pillow to his head and neck will stay straight, regardless of how he reacts. The correct position of the spine is very important for healthy sleep of a child.
If you have decided to buy a pillow for baby, pediatricians recommend to buy a special pillow with a slope. Its inclination angle of about thirty degrees. In this form the baby's head will be above his belly it will ease his breathing and reduce the frequency of regurgitation of the baby. It is important not to forget that a pillow shaped like that you need to put under the whole body of the baby, and not just under the head. The same effect can be achieved by lifting the edge of the baby mattress if it does not bend. Not yet proven anatomic pillows for kids. It is advisable to apply them only on medical grounds and appointment of a pediatrician.
Pediatricians recommend giving the pillow children only two years, while parents need to be responsible for her choice. She must have a flat shape and a sufficient width. The dimensions of the cushion should be such that the child during sleep without rolling out of it. Perfect option is when the cushion has a width of the crib. It is necessary to pay attention to what the filler will be in the pillow. The best option are considered to be synthetic materials. First, they do not cause allergies in children, second, these pillows are resilient and resistant to creasing. Synthetic pillows easy, through them well passes air, and in such pillows do not start a pincer movement. Today, there are many choices of pillows, but buying a pillow for baby, it is important to remember that its main task is the maintenance of the cervical spine of the child, not lush softness under my head.