Quite often there are cases where medicine is impotent, and then they are alone with the disease. As a rule, neglected, untreatable forms of cancer. In such cases, you begin to resort to fasting. There were cases when with the help of fasting people were cured from cancer.

In considering the mechanism of fasting, it becomes clear that through fasting has the ability to cure cancer, but it needs prolonged fasting over 40 days. Even a healthy person without preparation cannot withstand that fasting, and many patients with cancer are weakened.
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The right attitude of a person when fasting

In the treatment of disease plays an important role desire of a successful recovery. It's hard to believe that to cure cancer can a person who is scared or surprised. Only hard work, despite defeat and failure, will cause the disease to retreat. In this case, it is important not so much technique, how much the mood of the person to recovery.

Fasting can help fight cancer

Scientists from the University of southern California it has been proven that intermittent fasting may help cope with cancer and enhance the effectiveness of therapy.
Specialists have found that fasting delays the metastasis of cancer cells and in combination with chemotherapy allows cancer tumors to retreat.

In the journal Science Translational Medicine published the report, it was reported that when compared to healthy cells, cancer cells responded to stress in the form of starvation, instead of falling into "hibernation", they shared and grew, eventually destroying itself. Cancer cells tried to make up for the deficiencies caused by starvation, but that did not work. Scientists have observed this phenomenon in rodents, for example ovarian cancer, breast, urinary tract.

In clinical trials it was found that the use of chemotherapy increased the effectiveness of fasting in all cases. Along with chemotherapy fasting could heal up to 20% of the rodents who had a complex form of cancer.

U.S. researchers are currently conducting clinical trials for patients with cancer of the urinary tract, ovarian, or breast cancer is prescribed a two-week fasting before chemotherapy and one day after chemotherapy. But scientists can take a couple years to finally confirm or deny the benefits of fasting in the treatment of cancer. Scientists emphasize that fasting is not suitable for all people. The fasting in cancer risk for patients who have lost more than 10% of their normal body weight, as well as those cancer patients who suffer from concomitant diseases such as diabetes.