The main causes of doubt

The main cause of insecurity is the fear of beginning a new life, full of cares and responsibility. If you have not lived in the same area, didn't cook Breakfast together and did the cleaning, it is logical that the future acquisition of the status of the wife-mistress can waft you negative thoughts.

It happens that the woman doubts their partner, afraid that he will not cope with the role of breadwinner, the breadwinner of the family. Before the wedding, this issue could worsen against a background of massive embezzlement. The head will begin to raise questions, "what are we going to live?" or "How to ensure a child who will soon be born?".

Doubts before the most important day in your life also can be formed due to stress caused by the pre-holiday bustle. All newlyweds know that a wedding is not only fun, but also hard work. Long-term preparation for the celebration takes strength, cause irritability, which, in turn, can inspire thoughts of "Why is all this necessary?".
Brace yourself, the holiday rush will be over, and ahead you will find a happy family life.
But the worst thing is when doubt lies in the man. If the woman is unsure of her feelings, she begins to torment themselves to look for in a partner shortcomings, to think about the imminent parting after the wedding, read up on forums articles with similar problems, thereby transforming itself into a bundle of nerves.

How to get rid of negativity?

Now, to doubt before the wedding is perfectly normal, and most girls go through it. What to do in this situation? First, it is necessary to reflect on the fact that normal everyday things don't make family life more dull. With a great option – the distribution of obligations, for example, you were cooking on it is garbage. All too simple.

Second, think of what happy family life is not far off, so better not to waste energy on trivia, such as the failure to order a cafe, purchasing the most expensive dresses and so on. If you think that male will not be able to act as a getter – remember, it all depends on you. Correctly coordinated your partner, you will never experience the need.
Mary Todd, wife Abraham Lincoln, married him, didn't know that he is a national hero of the American people!
A woman should be wise to praise her husband even when setbacks and help him in everything. Well, if you doubt it is in the choice of the person, of course, it is worth pondering whether or not to marry him.