It's very simple and does not require large expenditures. Soda should only be used for topical use, as internally it is impossible to calculate the dose. There is a risk of damage to the intestinal tract. To lose weight with soda, it is recommended to take a bath with her Appendix. You can use soda with additives, the effect is guaranteed.

Baths with baking soda at home

- We collect the bath water temperature is about 38 degrees, add 200 g of baking soda, stir thoroughly. The result: silky skin, excellent health and a pleasant lightness.

- Recruited a full bath, prepare a mixture of baking soda around 300 g sea salt approx 0,5 kg Important: water temperature should not be above 39 degrees. Conduct water treatment is not longer than 20 minutes. It is advisable to do a bath once a week, as a result, it is possible to get rid of a couple pounds.

A positive effect soda bath slimming essential oils. Oil remove toxins from the body, a pleasant smell helps to relax - only benefit and pleasure. Just a few drops will make the bath even more effective.

To abandon these baths with baking soda, should people with diabetes. And if you have other health problems, it is better to consult a doctor.

Bathe in temperatures not below and not above 38-39 degrees. Too low temperature is not conducive to the impact of active substances, and very hot water can harm your health.

After the first procedure you will feel a great result - ease, relaxation. After the bath, wrap a towel and lie down for 20 minutes.