This is a gentle delicacy we have a long time - since the fourteenth century. In those days, for its preparation took only two ingredients - honey and apples. It is worth noting that candy is useful, because it does not contain fats, but there is a pectin that causes the cholesterol level to normal.

How to choose candy

Marshmallows are sensitive to moisture, so if you buy candy, then test the tightness of the packaging. Fresh, high-quality candy will be elastic, if to press it, it will not crack. And if the marshmallows got sticky, so this product kept malfunctioning.

How to store Apple candy

Dried candy apples store in clean jars. First, the treat should be cut into serving strips, roll roll. First, the marshmallow may seem to touch a little wet, but she must not get his hands dirty. If when cutting the candy breaks down, it is over dried or burned. If the mass inside the raw, slightly greasy, candy need a bit to dry, and then clean glass jars.

How to store Belevsky candy

This candy can be stored for a year. Just put it in a sealed container, put in a dark place. But in a plastic bag to keep candy, this treat will become sticky, will deteriorate very quickly. Can be rented for the storage of linen bags, soak them in a salt solution, then the marshmallow will not infest insects. If you kept the candy more than six months, it is advisable before use to warm it in the oven.