Hash is the perfect dish for those who are dieting

It is known that the hash is able not only to satisfy hunger and thirst in the summer heat, but also enrich the body with vitamins and various trace elements. One of the important advantages of this dish is that the soup can be prepared quite low-calorie. How many calories will contain a portion - only OTO which products will be included in its composition.
Even removing the recipe of a few ingredients, one should not fear for the consistency of food to make up for the missing amount of grounds by using fresh vegetables and herbs.

As the main component is usually used kvass, kefir or whey (according to nutritionists, in this case, the hash is particularly useful). All of the other ingredients depend only on the capabilities and tastes of the cook: these can be fresh or boiled vegetables, meat, chicken or fish. The hash, due to the fact that her recipe allows for many different variations, it is recommended for those who want to lose weight, eating this "tasty and healthy".

If we talk about vegetable hash, consisting of boiled potatoes and carrots, boiled egg, fresh herbs, kvass, kefir or whey, sour cream, the calorie value of one portion is from 60 to 100 Kcal. If you want to reduce this figure, you can use fat-free sour cream or even to try to do without it. Boiled potatoes and egg. you can also replace less nutritious vegetables. Adding to the hodgepodge of fresh cucumbers and radishes, the dish tastes rich, and calorie - reduced.

How many can be sacrificed for the sake of calorie content without compromising the taste of the hash?

Brew, if it is purchased in the store, can also be of different caloric content, affecting the overall nutrient composition of ready meals. You can try to prepare the brew yourself, prepare low-calorie, but very tasty drink that is free of preservatives, dyes and other not very useful products.

If the cooks added meat, chicken, sausage or sausage, the calorie content increases accordingly. Nutritional value finished products you can see on the packaging and by simple calculations, depending on the weight of the products added to calculate the calorie serving of ready-made hash. On average, every 100g of meat products increase the nutritional value by 150-200 Kcal.

Calorie content of ready-made hash is also affected by the use of sauces - someone can't imagine this soup without the sour cream, while others love it with mayonnaise. The caloric content of sauces can be found on the product packaging and nutritional value of 100 g of sour cream is from 110 to 120 to 250 Kcal, depending on fat content.
For those who want to refrain from eating mayonnaise, it may be advisable to stir the yolk in a small amount of fluid from the hash, add to taste mustard, then mix is ready add to the dish.

To lower the caloric content of ready-made hash lovers eat it with the sauce you can recommend to try to replace the sour cream for low-fat yogurt or natural yogurt - 100 g of these foods contains only 25-60 Kcal.